Almost anyone who’s ever owned a thing they call Personal Computer or something like that, will have been enjoying at least one or more certain games that were once available for one’s specific machine.

I ask of you and really urge you to name the games that meant something to you.

No matter if it was the ZX Spectrum or the QuattroCore of 2009.

Tell us, which games you liked the most, tell us on what machine it ran. And tell us something about those specific games, of course (Storyline, gameplay etc.)

I hope this will be fun.

There’s only one old school game that I like, Liero.
I played it on Windows 95, and it’s made 1998, so I’d call it pretty old.
It’s a single or 2 player game, kinda like Worms, but it’s real-time based.
When you use über-weapons, you’ll make it lagg like hell :smiley:
The primary target is to kill eachother, or you can play CTF(Catch The Flag).

That’s like the only old game I ever played on PC, tho I played some oldies on NES.


Hi Ragwing, sounds like an interesting piece.
It’s from 1998 you say? And you call it oldschool?
Lol, now I feel really, really old. Because of YOU.

I always thought the term oldschool was used for games from, let’s say, 1976 to 1995 or so…
Is Final Fantasy 8 oldschool, too?
(I hope so, cause I liked it…)

But I think it’s cool that you play NES games… (or did you mean SNES?)

Just to let you know, there was especially ONE game on the NES i really, really do still love:
“Snake, rattle n 'roll” Has to be the best “isometric” game ever.

Hope you know it?


Well, it’s not that old, but in the computer world, graphic cards from 2003 is stone age, and it’s only 4 years.

It’s not that old :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, NES, not SNES.
I’ve played games like Chip’n Dale Rescue Rangers, Ufouria, Blaster Master, Ice Climber, Super Mario Bros. and FFI-III on NES Emulator. I still got my NES somewhere, tho I doubt any of the game will work. Best FF for NES is FFII.

Nope, sadly I haven’t heard of it.

And well, if I call Liero(1998) old school, then FFVII(1997) is also old school. FFVII is the best game ever made(IMO)! Great story, many mysteries and of course Sephiroth!


Sonic the Hegehog, Super Mario Bros, all made before or around the time I was born :slight_smile:

Just some of my favs…(there are hundreds more, I fear)

C64: Katakis
Amiga: Disposable Hero, Ruff 'n Tumble, Elite
PS: FF 8
NES: Snake, Rattle 'n roll
SNES: Rock’n roll racing (best multiplayer game ever)

By the way, here’s two not too bad remakes of two really great oldie games.

Both are freeware, and, as such, they’re not bad, although the originals offered way more atmosphere and fun, to say the least…

Takatis (Modern Katakis Clone, done fine for a freebie, but lacks atmosphere, still great shmup for free)

Hurrican (Modern Turrican Clone, rather cool to play, again, not the original…)

Have fun

From Spectrum, i recall Saboteur (many others, but i don’t remember the names).

Later on, two of the best i’ve ever played, for PC, Ultima Underworld: The Stygian Abyss - great music, sound, story, many levels, underground; it’s a whole world inside the abyss, this game was one of the most original games i’ve played. (:LOV)
And Wing Commander’s saga (I II and III, never tried Prophecy), another original game, nice story but the best was fighting in space with your fighter ship, good graphics for the time, but what makes it still enjoyable today is that you buy it (it feels realistic, for a game in space that is). From the moment you take off for a mission, the ship really is in you total control, many options, awesome.

Those were the “■■■■ your mind” for me, but then there is Leisure Suit Larry of course, Monkey Island…

Some websites for you: (fav1)
LTF Abandonware France, les liens. (fav2) (this one is slow to load these days, unfortunatly, because it had the biggest list).

There are other good site, but from these you reach many more with their links and rings.

I loved Chase HQ on the sega MS2.

If anyone knows where I can find a working ROM of it for mame, I’d be thrilled. :slight_smile:

Oh yeah, and Scorched Earth, that game rocked.

I’m ashamed, i forgot another gold piece: Sensible Soccer (or Sensible World of Soccer aka SWOS).
SWOS anyone?

I remember there was a great DOS adventure game, in 1996 or so, called Sanitarium. Crazy.

And there was another classic DOS game called Entomorph, rather a view-from-above adventure, very enthralling indeed. (about morphing into a beetle and such…)


Anyone played Jagged Alliance 2 ? This game rocks ! Maybe someone wants a multiplayer match ? :wink:

I remember Duck Hunt… was that on NES or Super? I believe it was on NES. It seems about the right time. Also, one of the original donkey kongs on super NES I think.

As far as PC games I used to love a game called Hover (Hoover). Came with Windows 95 on the first computer my family ever owned. I think.

Of course all this was ages ago and some days I forget bring my keys to the car with me. So really, who knows.

Juice 2?

Age of Empires II


I love this game too. Hours in the multiplayer with a friend(s) Co-op and deathmatch ;D

I remember that one too. I have the gun somewhere. I think I’ll go rob a bank with it! ;D

I’ll take any chance to own you. (:WIN)

I’m not playing against U >:( Maybe I’m a cheater, but at least I don’t use the Zanmato hack to win ! >:(


Commodore 64:
Summer Games - Epyx
Hardballl - EA
Bard’s Tale
Might and Magic (the original)
any of a slew of text adventures
anything with music by Rob Hubbard

Out of This World
Barbarian 1 and 2
Dragon Lord
any of the Cinemaware titles (sports based, movies based, you name it)

BattleTech: something Crescent something (played on C64 and Amiga)

ummmm I’m sure I’ll think of more

heh like the Breakout game on the TRS-80 lol

When I was young, there is one game I was unable to play because I had ZXSpectrum with 16 kb, and Penetrator (game) can be played only on ZXSpectrum with 48kb, I was really (:SAD) at the time…