The Licence Number Expired

Hi, I got this message a few times this month, when activating.
I instaled WinXP a few times per week, could this be the problem?

once activated, the license numbers have a lifetime. after that they die and can’t be used for activation.
you can simply go and get another activation code from our site…


I see, so after every reinstall, I have to get new number. OK, thanks.

No, you shouldn’t need to get a new number, because the license code should be saved the Trustix program folder in case you decide to reinstall.

So all I have to do is to backup the folder “C:\Program Files\Trustix”?


When you uninstall CPF the uninstallation does not remove the Trustix folder (folder which holds the license keys) that way if you choose to reinstall Comodo, you don’t need to register again. That is all I was saying, so to answer your question, no you don’t need to backup the trustix folder because the Trustix folder stays on your hard drive even after uninstallation.

I mean, that before I perform a clean Windows XP instalation and the HDD is formated.