The latest update will not finsih installing? error pops up on screen now every

I have been using CIS premium for years, never a problem like has just occurred. I have loved having CIS on my computers, protecting my computers, I have it installed on 3 computers!
I made a screen print of the error report and attached it below.

The update is unable to finish! The update repeatedly tries, over and over and over!! But, never succeeds!?

This all occurred, very recently, when CIS requested to update itself.
The computers that are experiencing this problem , all have windows 7 installed, service pack 1 installed, and each computer is 64 bit.
I’m keeping up with updates, the latest, is to get something called Microsoft edge, but it is making very slow progress for some unknown reason?
Help me get this resolved soon, and comodo CIS premium working smoothly once again.