The latest comodo firewall wont uninstall

Running windowsXP home, when i uninstall comodo firewall from the add/remove list and click on the security center in the control panel it states that i still have comodo firewall running. I cannot install my paid for version of bigpond security because of the conflicts its causing. Its like comodo firewall is still running even after uninstallation.

I cannot even share files on my network and its causing windows to not repond properly.


I guess this is not a bug of CFP, it’s Windows bug as in many other cases (without Comodo involved) WMI gets corrupted.

Anyway, uninstall and delete all traces of all third-party firewalls on your system, run batch file from archive attached to this message and reboot computer.

After that you should be able to install from scratch any firewall, but remeber to disable windows built-in firewall before installing any third-party firewall.