the latest beta doesn't save my preferences

Hi all , while using the software I’ve noticed that each time I restart my machine , the preferences are resetted to the original ones , for example I open the preferences window , I tick the " show balloon messages " , click on OK … after a restart ,. the tick is gone and of course the functionality is gone too , which is pretty annoying if you asked me :slight_smile:

I hope that will get fixed , giving that I’ve already reported it in the first BETA .

up ! :slight_smile:

This is not happening for me in the RC version, i.e., settings are being saved for me.

try the following :-

go to more , preferences , and tick the " show balloon message " option.

Now , reboot the machine , you will see that the tick is gone …

tested on windows xp sp3 , with latest updates , patches etc.

This happened to me sometimes but after awhile it would just stay on what i set them to. I will try with the V5 firewall.