The Last Straw: Back to CFP v2.4

Did a re-install of v3.0.17 to have a clean start.

After a ten minute wait to log on to the network, a check of the firewall/defense rules revealed a blank window.
That’s right, empty.
Click on edit, you can edit the unseen entries, so they were there; CFP 3 just decided not to show them to me.

I have had enough of the alpha/beta testing BS for CFP 3.

I don’t care if Comodo is the “benevolent dictator” giving me stuff for free.
My time is worth WAY more than $50 an hour, and I have spent HOURS trying to put this square peg in a round hole, and before Comodo responds to the requests of its users it has time to develop and integrate this new “feature”, “Fix your PC for $79”; they can’t even fix their own software and I am going to Trust them to FIX my PC?

Before it was all about building a “brand”, because the revenue would come from the corporations.

Didn’t take long for that attitude to change, did it?

So I have uninstalled v3 and am now back to v2.4, with it easily fixable bugs, such as the inability to resize a window.

The first time this v2.4 forgets my settings I am going back to Zonealarm.

And also, note that Comodo is deceptive, a word that we should not associate with Trust.


Because they label this as V3.0, but Comodo has NEVER released a HIPS PRODUCT BEFORE.

AT BEST, THIS IS A V1.0 PRODUCT, and Comodo is using its faithful users as Lab Rats!! (:AGY)

Good Luck to those who are still keeping the faith. (:AGL)

Please be careful with your wording. Not just Comdo, but most commercial enitities dislike direct attacks on teir corporate integrity.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Knowing axl he is just angry at the moment because he has problems with CFP 3.0 . Give him some time to cool down :wink:

Greetz, Red.

Oops, sorry; I don’t have a blog available for someone to attack. (:SAD)

Look buddy, I liked CFP even before they got noticed from the leaktests.
Obviously they worked ■■■■■■■ the v2 release, but now it seems like they are throwing all the respect that they have earned out the window.

To leave things unfinished SPEAKS VOLUMES about the character of an entity.

Melih should put out a statement that they will retrofit the configuration storage mechanism from v3 to v2.4 and give an estimated time frame.
And also fix that lack of window resize functionality.

These are trivial things to fix and yet they remain unresolved for going on months now.

That is why Open Source rules; if I had the ■■■■ source code I could have fixed the thing myself over a weekend and then I wouldn’t have to waste time making all these posts!

Hey axl,

Please understand I wasn’t having a shot at you. I was merely trying to calm things down a bit. The update was lumpy and people are getting their delicates in a bit of a bunch, and things are being said in the heat of the moment.

Just trying to pour a bit of oil on troubled waters. :wink:

I don’t believe they have “left” this. The devlopment team are aware of the issues and are cranking to try and fix them. They obviously have their own priorities, resources and timelines to work within, and you and I, along with everyone else are not privy to them. Then again, I don’t know of many software development companies that publish their development workflow.

Melih should put out a statement that they will retrofit the configuration storage mechanism from v3 to v2.4 and give an estimated time frame.

I agree there could be a bit more openness and disclosure, but Comdo are a commercial entity and operate by whatever mechanism they feel best suit their business. We may like more dialogue, but ultimately it’s their choice and will hang or dance by those decisions.

And also fix that lack of window resize functionality.

Another forum member posted a solution that detailed an application that could dynamically resize any app window, regardless of whether it natively supported resizing. I’ll see if I can dig it up and PM you with the link.

Ewen :slight_smile: