The larest version of Comodo Firewall Pro has too many popups.

I also have a new email addy all lower case like the one I used here except it it ends in :THNK

I was wondering if you can get the earlier version were if a person could use the other choice and there were a lot less popups (:HUG) (:LOV) :SMLR. :-TD

I was updating my system’s windows update and was shocked by the multitude of CFP 's popups and it is very disconcerting. I’ll check my profile and see if I can change the email address :-La

Try switching to training mode to cut down on the popups. What version are you actually using? Go to miscellaneous/mange my configurations/select and see if you are using “COMODO-Network Security”. If not, select it.

I guess it’s end of the discussion since the user has deleted his/her account. I’ll close the thread, as I don’t see any point in continuing the discussion when the user is no longer with us (now that sounded like he/she died lol :frowning: ).


Maybe the attempt to change email address didn’t work out very well. :wink: Can we get a little tombstone Icon to put on posts like this?

It seems like I couldn’t add new message icons, but I added a smiley for you sded:[RIP]
And let’s hope his/her account didn’t disappear because of the mail change. Maybe he/she did a new account so he/she could use another mail.
Let’s stop posting in this topic, as it’s closed :wink: