The January 13th 2012 Proactive Security Challenge

:o What Happened? Isn’t COMODO Supposed to stop ALL viruses 100%? Why did it go down to 94% ??? Why did it fail some tests :'(? How could this happen to the #1 Security Product on the market :(? Why? Why? Oh Why did this happen? Did some bugs cause it or what? It’s just I shocked that the #1 Security Product went from 100% to 94%! I want answers so I understand want happened! I know it’s still [at] the top of the list but the 94% I do not understand at all? Can someone who was there or who has the answers answer this for me?

I understand your concern but the product is still rated excellent and the only one that is recommended.
This is enough assurance for me anyways.
I am sure any holes will be plugged in due course :slight_smile:

this is 64 bit not 32 bit, they are working on upping the security on 64 bit right now.

Firstly, is this firewall penetration testing rather than virus testing. That’s something else entirely.

Secondly, CIS didn’t go down… this is Matousec’s new x64 test. Firewall security has always been tricky on 64bits systems, with many providers still not being able to field a 64bit version of their product. And as you can see from the results, many are still having trouble coming to grips with it. A 94% result for CIS on 64bit is an excellent result.

But, if you’re still using a 32bit OS yourself, then none of this is of a concern to you anyway and the original x32 results are still on their site (where many have still yet to attain over 94% on 32bit)…

I suspect he already knew this as all the links he posted clearly say 64 bit.
Even so we can all sleep easy i believe ;D