only the best will do

For us, producing hand made chocolates is an art. The art of producing our chocolates with the utmost care, in true tradition of Belgian craftsmanship. These chocolates are created with one thing on our mind: to produce a combination of taste and touch that takes you to chocolate anus heaven.


With a lot of concern about additives in food, we score effectively. Our ethos is from raw ingredients to tempting hand made chocolates as fast as possible - you don’t need to include artificial preservatives when only the best will do.

Prepare yourself on May 26th 2008

Belgian Chocolats :BNC :BNC :BNC :BNC :BNC

Belgium rulez ;D. Nederlands btw ?


(Commodus, you like it. I know ;D)

Mmmm, chocolate :stuck_out_tongue: But dang ! Belgian chocolates are expensive ! Like 10 euros for a few :o On the other hand , I liked the Brussels markets. You can get some very good stuff, very cheap. :slight_smile: But one advise - don’t think twice. ;D If you like a particular thing - grab it without hesitation. ;D

Brussels markets (:NRD) Wth do they sell there 88). I wouldn’t know. In any case, if you pay 10 euros for just a few (depends on what you call a few probably) you’ve been ripped off. ;D.
:PBelgium ripped you off ;D.

BTW : just for information, grabbing is the same as stealing. You need to pay to get/eat some stuff :P0l However on the other side… In belgium they will NEVER catch you, and even if they do, you can flee out of prison :THNK.


You know those sweets with a few kinds on chocholate in one. :stuck_out_tongue: There are expensive. I paid for 5 of those 10,XX euros. But it was worth it ;D
And I buyed some really fashionable clothes on those markets very cheaply. :smiley: Branded names and stuff. I “grabbed” everything :wink:
Yeah, I can flee out. And there’s Strasbourg court in they do catch me ;D

So where are you from actually ?

I’m wondering how real the clothes where 88)


I’m from Lithuania. ;D And the clothes were real and good quality too :slight_smile: I still have and wear a brown leather jacket :slight_smile: I look so cool with it 8) ;D

This s*cks, I don’t get any warnings from updated topics any more >:(.

Lithuania, never been there. However easy to learn the three countries on a row ;D


It’s a very small country. But quite a beautiful one too. :SMLR We joined NATO and EU not so long ago, so there’s a long way for us to catch up with such countrys as Belgium, France, Germany and others (:SAD) But we’re making progress :BNC

So you’re part of the group Belgium started. (:TNG)


Yep, seems so :slight_smile: Btw - Good luck for Belgium in Eurovision ;D

We are !ot!

As much as I LOVE Belgian chocolate - that ain’t going near my cakehole. LOL!

Hmmm… Interesting…


Maybe they spices that fine chocolate with that incredible “edible” flavor, if someone tried it yet, please give some feedback here…

In some way, it seems just like a spam site. Open for some days and look now.
It’s closed again. Sad they use belgium again (we have already such a bad reputation :().