The imminent demise of BOClean

I’m new to these forums - received some great assistance yesterday to resolve a firewall problem.

Comodo’s firewall is generally very highly recommended on a number of sites - as is BOClean as a stand-alone anti-malware application.

It was an unpleasant surprise, therefore, to chance upon the news that BOClean support is to end on the 26th May. Although I hope to come to grips with the Comodo firewall (and goodness, but it’s a steep learning curve for those of use who’re not good at computers to start with), I have no intention of abandoning my present anti-virus just yet. Rightly or wrongly, I’m one of those who doesn’t entirely like security “suites,” but prefers to combine the strong points of various providers.

Although Comodo’s anti-virus might be fine, I’d prefer to wait and see how it develops for a while before switching to it. Comodo’s real strength seems to lie in its firewall and, until now, antimalware through the BOClean app.

Odd that a company which generously provides free software then tries to force users to rely entirely on its own products.

I’ll obviously see how things develop, but this really gives me a bad feeling about Comodo. I really prefer not to be forced into things!

If I’m mistaken, and BOClean is to remain a fully supported stand-alone product, then of course, I apologise unreservedly for casting aspersions upon Comodo’s intentions.


It is indeed true that Comodo is stopping the support for BoClean as a stand-alone product. However, it is integrated into the new CIS 3.9 version. So you can use Comodo’s firewall and Boclean into 1 product and get the AV also.
Just remember to set the Comodo AV slider to the highest level and you will have boclean’s defense also.

yours sincerely,


Thanks for taking the trouble to respond, eXPerience.

Whilst I’d like to retain the Comodo firewall and Defence Plus, I plan to keep my present antivirus - which means that I actually don’t want the Comodo AV.

This could change in future. I’m no expert, so rely quite heavily on what seem to be the “majority views” about various products on the internet. Comodo’s firewall is highly regarded, as is Defence Plus - the jury still appears out on the AV element, and it will be interesting to see how this develops.

It does seem a LITTLE arrogant of Comodo’s leaders to assume that people will happily accept their total security solution in the form of a security suite. Even if they do know more about it than I ever will - humour me and let me make a couple of my own choices!

Thanks again for your reply. I wasn’t intent on starting a major thread, but felt that I should express my disquiet. Too easy to just keep quiet and then complain loudly once there’s no longer any point!

Always happy to help.

Well, there were some topics and a lot of people asking if it wasn’t possible to maintain Comodo BoClean. The Comodo developers told us that do to the change of infrastructure and the build of BoClean it was to expensive to keep continuing the support.

The AV hasn’t really been tested yet and I’m also eagerly waiting for the first results :slight_smile:


Are you saying that BOClean-like protection is only active when the AV scanning is “On Access”, not “Stateful”?

You’re the second to ask em that :). I’ll give you the same reply …

Good question, I was unsure, so I thought, let's be certain. So after your pm, I looked it up in the help file, but that doesn't really explain it...

I don’t know, perhaps we should ask a developer over pm ?



So you don’t know whether BOClean is active in AV stateful mode or not ???

I didn’t say I didn’t know, I said I was unsure. 88)


Now that,Sir, is a thing of beauty!

I’d like to think BOClean is active both in default Stateful setting or on Access, but a confirmation from either Egemen, umesh or Melih himself would be much appreciated on this matter… ???
Cheers all :■■■■
Xman 8)

Here’s a small update guys, it seems my doubt was correct ;D

Stateful and on access modes both have BOCLean enabled.

Thanks to everyone :wink:


Confirmed. Thanks Xan
Xman 8)

Egemen just confirm in a PM, Stateful and On-Access both have BOClean active.