The hidden user ?

Who do you think it is ;D

Greetz, Red.

It might be a blonde moment, but I don’t get it. :-\

What do you mean by hidden?

Ewen, did you dye your hair blonde again? ;D

And just by posting here you ruined it for the rest of us (especially for Red after all that trouble he went through to devise this poll) (:LGH)

Well I noticed on “Users Online” there is sometimes a “Hidden User”. And there is also someone who is posting here withought being “Active”. Maybe only Moderators can do that ? I am not sure. But I am pretty sure who the “Hidden User” is :slight_smile: His name starts with a “R”, and no it is not me :wink:

Greetz, Red.

Actually there are many hidden users on the forums, mods have the ability to see them though, so I won’t vote, I may spoil it :smiley:

Also as of this post there are 2 hidden users online :slight_smile:

Also you can make yourself hidden by going to your profile and un-checking the show your online status setting.

Thank you for clarifying that :slight_smile: But let me clarify this : My " Hidden user" is most of the time on CBOClean forum part :wink:

Greetz, Red.

hehehe someone voted for Melih. Would the company leader really hide in his own forum ???

The bigger question is why are they hiding and what do they have to hide?

Where’s Fox News when you need them. ;D


Some people prefer to maintain a low profile; they don’t want men in blue stomping on their doors. ;D

Who cast a vote for Melih?
As far as I know, Melih never hide nothing from anyone.
Including his online activity on this forum.
Well… except, for his age, of course…

…and what is this Hidden User anyway?
Some kind of secret character?
How do I unlock those character(s)?

Do I need an action reply code or just beat the final boss to unlock it?

You can never beat Melih and we won’t let you either >:(, or else it’s the end of the forum. To unlock the secret character there has to be 50+ votes in any 1 of the poll choices.

Now that’s a though choice…

But just in case i still need to beat the final boss, I’ve finally master the “thousand years of pain” jutsu from Kakashi Hatake.
Beware who oppose me…


Mmm, interesting :slight_smile: I see that I am not alone in my opinion who the “Hidden User” could be ;D

Greetz, Red.

Ahh, nobody thinks I’m invisible; I’ve got no votes to my name… How sad. :cry:


You should be happy people don’t “see” you as invisible :P. How ironic.

Then technically shouldn’t you delete the poll entry on your name? :P. How ironic.

Gee, looks like your new favorite word is “ironic.” Given that you’ve been using it so much, I must say… :P. How ironic.


And how does using the same word make it ironic, Mr. “In order to”?;msg65226#msg65226

Oh, that’s good! (:CLP)

But don’t be hatin’ my high level of sufistikashun. I did grajueight somewhere with honors…