[The Help] A temporal remedy for latest CD issues

Thought I would share some workarounds to some CD issues to help other CD users until the development team accomplish the job, and they will.

To CD Users:
It’s OK to get some issues with ongoing development, especially in lean and agile SW development; it’s a continuous process with no final state, with new user requirements, security patches, and tuning everyday and believe me it’s a tough job to go on with.

To Development Team

[u][b]1-Translation not working[/b][/u] Uncheck "offer to translate pages...." from settings and install the official Google translate extenssion. [u]Here:[/u] https://my.pcloud.com/#page=publink&code=XZHEwZ7mXHKThDnfueKWu1KAlKjzKtXMcX just drag and drop the extension on the extensions page of CD browser.

SHA1: cc45af034a23d660b9f18e48857bf09d6decea22

[u][b]2-Problems blocking Ads[/b][/u] I use Adguard extension for CD and remove any other ad-blocking extension; to make it aggressive on ads, just disable "allow acceptable ads" the first option on the adguard setting page. [u]Here:[/u] https://my.pcloud.com/#page=publink&code=XZr6wZ1da1YEg9WP5GWegWET7y98cm1Erk

SHA 1: 1a0ad6ddda975560c37ee3ebaf3f4efc4b07cfa2

[u][b]3-Waiting for s.ytimg.com "youtube"[/b][/u] Copy pepper flash folder to dragon folder in program files. This is the latest pepper flash extracted from chrome 33. [u]Here:[/u] https://my.pcloud.com/#page=publink&code=XZc6wZHWtYfs4J52BIRIKL2FBTp7h0TWN7

To be honest, the above solution didn’t work every time, so i decided to delete the ytimg.com cookies and see the outcome and it worked flawlessly. So I decided to block the ytimg.com cookies.

[ol]- Settings - Show advanced settings - Content settings - Manage exceptions under cookies - add [*.]ytimg.com and block it - Done[/ol]

zip file
SHA 1: AF44FD3D00D798419A167B9713A7DF7A3BC9D555
dll file:
SHA 1: 89a180539401e1b237841bf238453083203b9686

[u][b]4-IDM extension not installed[/b][/u] This is the latest IDM extension file for CD extracted from IDM 6.19.2; again drag and drop the file on the extensions page on your CD browser. [u]Here:[/u] https://my.pcloud.com/#page=publink&code=XZQEwZwOE5baR2UVFOMBH7LlcjVzEv5Jc7

SHA i: 5232c110541d97b44cbbd84e0cf71d79d777a953

All files are scanned with SEPP offline, and online with virustotal: Google Translate: https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/d64797bb0309f31c39a043fcdcca6a024402ad3138e10e0ebf2a4eb460a5039e/analysis/1393543704/ Adguard: https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/2ef5fc740ab45f8c085d2c0c581f46c8cd47519b39ab0fd5dbc7e54f2fbeb6e8/analysis/1393543787/ Pepper flash: https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/4e25a5f5a243453bed3a0ae633a5c372159b5683cfb9294d4da0f10fb06d7bf4/analysis/1393543949/ IDM extension: https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/feb09776fdfff02e84c478739c8e0de891a6b967cee56e4801d64283d66e94c1/analysis/1393543449/

Your workaround for the translation issue doesn’t work for me. It did in the beginning but doesn’t anymore.

I added the SHA 1 hashes to give the users to verify the integrity of the downloaded files.

To make it work automatically, you’ll have to change settings as following:

first open CD settings and uncheck the “offer to translate…” under language button to disable CD built in translate function, then from Google translate plugin option change these:

1- check the “Automatically translate the web pages in the following languages and URLs.”
2- click the “languages and URLs.” link to show choices.
3- from the add list point to the first lang “Afrikaans”, and add them all.
4- from the remove box; remove your mother tongue lang and English if you’re not a native English speaker, or remove only English if it’s your only lang.
5- don’t forget to save.