The harassment Activation requests.

I really hope this is a bug or a MAJOR oversight on the part of the dev team reguarding CIS Pro 10 which I installed by error when I wanted to install CIS Premium 10, lately, I’ve counted about 50+ warnings about CIS needing activation. I mean REALLY? 50+ and it’s not STOPPING until the very last second, I call that HARASSMENT.

Next time guys, whom ever though about the activation warning ONE WARNING PER DAY is more than ENOUGH. Better yet, remove the darn warnings altogether with a option to let it run out if we want to activate that option. I do not need … or EVER need a software to warn me MULTIPLE TIMES A DAY that it needs to be activated before times runs out.

Worse is that the darn thing not only use popups but ALSO goes through the window Notificication system to flood me with those useless warnings.

As I said guys, that’s enough warnings to make some snap because I’m boiling with rage inside each and every second time I got to get that activation warning off my screen.

No software difference between Pro and Premium, just services.

Don’t want to seem rude but wasn’t commenting about the difference between both.

The essence of my comments are about the massive amount of frustration reguarding the UNLIMITED harassment this software is subjecting me every single day until the trial runs out which is EXACTLY what I want it to do but instead I am reminded 5+ times per day that the trial is running out as if I didn’t ALREADY know that DAYS ago.

And obviously I will not go through another uninstall/reinstall just because of this massive annoyance and the reboots that follows that up. All I want is for the devs to understand that this conduct is UNACCEPTABLE by all means. Reminds the user that the trial is expiring is OK but KEEP on reminding him or her EVERY SINGLE DARN DAYS and this MULTIPLE TIMES during every one of those days is INSANE.