The guide in the utorrent thread not working with some trackers using port 81.

I followed the guide made by pandlouk in the thread:

I tried to download a torrent from a private tracker but it couldn’t connect to it(it said that the connection was actively refused). I checked what ip-number the URL for the tracker had and compared it to the event log in Comodo.
There were some events that were blocked for the said ip-adress and it tried to use port 81.

So using that guide I would never be able to connect to a tracker that use a port in the lower range.

I trust this tracker, should I set up some special rules so that I could allow (with ask?) it to be used.
Isn’t this guide overly paranoid when it comes to rules for allowing connections?

I saw there were a lot of other connections to and from utorrent that were blocked, following the rules that were set up. This must mean that the speed will be lower due to fewer peers connected. If utorrent itself is the latest patched version and they only connect using that protocol, how could it be seen as a threat?

Aren’t these “non-allowed” connections (ports below 1025 or connections using other that the default utorrent ports) being done because of the users don’t know what ports to use or maybe because the torrent client they use default to a non-safe port range?

I mean, what possible risks would it pose to my PC if I just let utorrent be a trusted application? Comodo (Set up correctly) would still block any attempt from the “wrong ports” with other applications, wouldn’t it?

what is torrent

You can edit rule 4 to use a port range for Destination port instead of a single port. That should do the trick I guess.