The great browser shake-up of 2013 (Tech Republic)


“Takeaway: In a jam-packed 24 hours, Google announces it is forking WebKit, and Samsung teams up with Mozilla to develop a new engine.”

Important browser development news.

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Re: Opera 12.15 & Opera Next 12.50

Re: Firefox updates (Version 4 to current)

Justin Schuh: What Blink means for Chrome Security

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“Chrome 28 will be the first blinking release,”

Blink, Google’s new Chrome browser engine, comes to life

Blink is said to already be in Chromium, but chrome://version for Chromium 28.0.1467.0 says WebKit 537.36 ([at-bypass]147606).

Blink Questions Answered

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SVN revision log for Chrome 28.0.1464.0 (Dev).

Search for blink and get results. :wink:


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Any new/interesting flags?

Not in 28, but in
25: --enable-opus-playback (Opus)
26: --enable-vp9-playback (VP9)
27: --enable-spdy31 (SPDY 3.1)

Revision 192719

Adjust about:version to read "Blink" rather than "WebKit".

Ars Technica: Does WebKit face a troubled future now that Google is gone?

Adobe will contribute to Blink: The Changing Web Platform Landscape: More Fragmentation?

Blink is now in Chrome beta, as the beta-channel has been updated to 28.0.1500.20.

Blink is now in Chrome stable, for Linux. :slight_smile: Stable Channel Update

Blink is now in Chrome stable, also for Windows and Macintosh. :slight_smile: Stable Channel Update

And 64bit-builds for Windows of Chromium 30 are available:

Oooohhhh 64-bit, is this also for Chrome or only Chromium? And as a follow up question, what’s the difference between them? ???

Currently in Chromium, eventually in Chrome too.

Chromium is the open source browser-code which Chrome, Dragon, Opera &c are based upon.

Qt switches from WebKit to Blink/Chromium: Introducing the Qt WebEngine