The future of the Internet...

What’s in store ???

The Future of the Internet: Where Do We Go From Here?

Big numbers (Dutch) :o

Amsterdam Internet Exchange Breaches 300,000 Terabyte Barrier For Incoming And Outgoing Traffic…In One Month

Avoid censorship… :-X 8)

Hackers plan to circumvent SOPA by launching their own satellite …

But it won’t matter anyway, it’s the beginning of the end ;D

Is a super-volcano at Laacher See lake in Germany about to ■■■■?
SPOTLIGHT: 2012 Theories and Possibilities

This surely can’t be a super-volcano… I can see it in a picture that’s been taken at ground level. Don’t they mean volcano?

That doesn’t make for such a ‘insert a disaster engendering description here’ headline ;D

Did anybody ever notice that geologists have no way of predicting earthquakes or (subsequent) after quakes , vulcanic eruptions and subsequent after eruptions.

They always show up on tv saying that the upcoming weeks or months we may expect some more… ;D

They are only there to canalise the concerns of all us but have very little to bring to the table when it comes to predictions. >:-D :wink:

And yet the Mayans could predict cataclysmic end-of-the-world events. :wink: :smiley: :-X

They probably had insider knowledge ;D


Well saw a episode of Nova on KSPS that shows they are now starting to be able to give a few days warning on some volcanoes before they get active… There is even a new way of scanning through a mountain… lol

Glad to hear they are making progress. Nothing beats the joy of seeing science advance… 8)

Of course! Aliens would definitely be able to predict when our backwoods planet is going to melt down! ;D

My favorite Romainian sceptic/atheist…

“Y’ALL GONNA DIE !!! Eventually”

She is great ;D :-TU

Good clip BoredNow . :-TU

If any of this takes place it will happen when it happens and we won’t even remember.

I agree. I’ve had to watch more of her clips. :slight_smile: