The future of CIS

I really wonder where the development of CIS will lead to. Keep up the great work Melih and the Comodo team! :slight_smile:

who knows it seems like each new version has a new module and idk what else they could add without it getting bloated. version 3 got the av, version 4 got the sandbox, and version 5 had all the new cloud features, different restrictions of the sandbox (partially limited etc…), and game mode. i think the one thing that everyone is waiting for is the implementation of DACs into the realtime scanner. to me this seems like a great time to work out old and new bugs instead of adding more and more features

What i would really, really like in Version6 , would be a better (less bugs) and more versatile manual sandbox.
For the automatic sandbox it would be perfect if they could finally eliminate (they already eliminated a lot since the sandbox), the few Pop ups that still remain (COM interfaces, windows hooks, etc).
And finally site inspector for exploits
With all of this improvements and DACS, it could become the perfect (if there is a perfect) product.
At least for me :stuck_out_tongue:

yea thats exactly what i mean improve and de-bug all the features that are already in cis. this will create a much better security suite and make everyone happier which will help comodos rep. There are also a few wish’s in the wishlist that arent very big changes that should be looked at. Dont get me wrong comodo is my fav security suite but like melih says there is always room for improvement

Mine too :smiley:

Yep. Always.

an encryption feature for instant messaging would be nice

and a kitchen sink … and some bloat … SNCR :a0 - (and no offense intended)

Don’t Comodo do this already?

forum thread

Comodo EasyVPN

Please, don’t add an encryption feature, that would be utter bloat xD
Just keep improving current features (Sandbox, cleaning, AV, Cloud modules, D+ etc.)

and the TVL !! i want more tweaking on the TVL !!! ;D

You know guys I seem to notice that every time there are new security technologies developed, more types of malware are made to evade them causing more new technologies to be made. So in turn, like in biology, the security technologies evolve alongside malware like viruses evolve alongside organisms.

and the TVL !! i want more tweaking on the TVL !!!
just curious, is there any other firewall out there that will let you edit the whitelist <--You have my full undivided attention on this :) Because I like to know. I'm very tempeted to create a topic for this ???

hmmm…that would be Private Firewall?

It’s called Trusted publishers and is very small but you can edit it… :wink:

I dont mind if comodo is the first one to provide that…

I absolutely agree…10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 :-TU :-TU

It's called Trusted publishers and is very small but you can edit it
Oh wow, Thanks :-TU I'll check it out :) :) :) :) :)

I wish other firewall providers be more open with there whitelist and let us users decide whats what. Also (I feel that if a firewall provider won’t show there whitelist, maybe they have something they don’t users to see)
At the very least, us user show be able to see it without going through some complex steps

What do you people think :slight_smile:

Well the ability to edit the whitelist is in CCE I think.

CCE is firewall? ??? :o 88)

your thinking of the TVL not whitelist

I am a little bit confused now.
Is there a difference between the Whitelist and the TVL ?
If yes, where can I find this Whitelist in CIS ?

And I also want more tweaking of the TVL ! :-TU