The free online file verdict service “Valkyrie” with Uploader is released today!

Hi, everyone,

We are very pleased to announce that our free online file verdict product (service) “Valkyrie” is improved and released its 2nd version with batch Uploader today!

To upload a file to Valkyrie, you can visit the main analysis site, click the Browse button to select a file from your hard drive, and then click the Upload File button. In this version:

(1) You can make this process even easier with the free Valkyrie Uploader utility. After installing it, you can simply right-click maximum 20 files at one time with the size of each file under 20MB and choose “Valkyrie” from the Windows menu. The verdict results will display in your browser as usual.

(2) Valkyrie Uploader includes a feature to help users in identifying active malware. When you click the upload active process button, Valkyrie Uploader will try to find and read the process’ image file and send it to Valkyrie.

We sincerely hope that you will like it and can get your continuous feedbacks to help us further improve our “Valkyrie”!

Visiting websites:


excellent work guys!

Great Work! :slight_smile:

Tested~ Good result! Good job comodo. :wink:

Thanks, the uploader right click is really useful and works well.

not on my system… can’t upload files via right click :stuck_out_tongue:

In terms of functionality the Uploader works as advertised, but on my XP SP3 test environment it always opens Internet Explorer (ignoring the default browser) and creates a new window for each file rather than new tabs in an existing window (I do not see any of this behaviour on 7 SP1 64-bit).

From a design standpoint the Uploader leaves much to be desired; it is hideous and outdated—even by XP standards—from the non-native cursors to the 9x common dialog and bold text everywhere. I question the necessity of having a separate 64-bit installer just for a couple of registry differences. The installers aren’t even digitally signed, leading to the amusing situation of both IE9 and CIS advising against running them, and the files they contain are all unsigned too.

I do realise that this is only the first version but you have always set a very high standard for the look and feel of your products even during betas; seeing Comodo releasing 1990s software in 2011 is a bit disappointing. :frowning:

Mine opens a new tab in Firefox.

Interesting; upon further investigation I’m seeing this behaviour on XP SP3 but not 7 SP1 64-bit (Firefox 4.0 on both). :-\ This may well be some problem to do with my setup, of course; I will be interested to see whether others report seeing this behaviour on XP SP3.