The forum of Comodo seems to be built with an old /outdate SMF version.

Hi Comodo,
I see a discussion from an user who alerted and asked how is possibile a security company is not keeping the Forum software updated.

No really reply, the topic user was locked.
This give to me not a good impression as I think that user has the full right to ask and report you… the issue. I agree with the user: software on the server should be updated to the last version.
I think an user can have the right to alert you on the forum also privately if there are issues.
I don’t agree with the reply of this topic, however is not my problem as I AM leaving from here just… is what a visitor and ex Comodo user as me can think, is not nice read the topic was locked and replied… in that way.

Thanks to the user who report this. Is interesting.

Maybe also I consider update the software sometimes causes issue and can be a big work this is why… we sometimes find outdate software :slight_smile:
Seems user can find issue on your website or forum and can report to you as here:

Hi peopleinside,
You need to know facts before passing judgement.
The Forum software is not outdated, you are probably reading an outdated footer note which has nothing to do with security or stability.

Thank you.

The forum is only 1 build behind the latest build. The forum is running on 2.0.10 and the latest is 2.0.11

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The footer say something of different. Please see your footer forum.
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please read captainstick’s comment above mine.

FYI we are just moderators of this forum. We are not comodo empolyees so we do NOT maintain the forums code or the software it runs on. We have no control over what information they change in the code.


We can only ask which have done on numerous occasions, since the original update of the Forum to version SMF2 the footer has always been incorrect.