The forum is taking ~30 seconds to load each page.


The forum is for whatever reason taking around 30 seconds to load each page for me. I’ve tried different browsers, different devices, VPN on and off and different networks all together. Any idea what is wrong?

Hi Sanya,
Staff have been informed of the issue.
Disabling JavaScript in the browser does resume load speed, but the downside is some functionality is lost.
With JS disabled, posting options and smileys are not available.

Edit: Credit given to Mouse1 for suggesting disabling JavaScript.

Ah, there we go. Much better.

Hi Sanya,
Hopefully I am not talking to soon as I never heard back from Staff, but the issue appears to be resolved. :slight_smile:

Kind regards.

Please note this is a apology to all new members.

Due to the JavaScript problem not being totally being fixed, I am having to manually check and moved all new members to the Approved list.

Sorry this may result in a 12 hour delay as I normally log on twice daily morning/evening UK time.



Sorry this problem is back again.


Yes - long page load times for me over the past 2 days, both logged in and not logged in. Just disabled javascript in Firefox and load times became fast.

Thanks lrc. Just done the same in Dragon and pages loading instantly now.


How do you disable java script? I don’t even have java installed.

This gives easy-to-follow instructions how to disable javascript:

Hi Im_Special,
Java and JavaScript are not related.
If the instructions kindly posted by Irc do not help, what browser are you using?

Kind regards.