The firewall keeps blocking the OS.

Hi. Consistently blocked by the firewall Operating system. Constantly having to unlock, but then it will block from-for it lost Internet connection (starts writing unidentified network).

You need to check the firewall event logs to what is being blocked. You most likely have a global block rule with logging enabled causing the blocked events.

There are no global blocking rules. Screenshots and log attach. Is the program Qbittorrent, lock the firewall is UDP.

Hi BlackSABER,

Thanks for reporting. We need few more details for further investigation, is it possible for you to provide “Application rules” screenshot and exported configuration (Refer enclosed image).

Setting in glo


in setting global rules you configure mac adress and network

see image

I give you what you asked for.

Thanks for providing the requested logs. Will forward the logs to developer for investigation.

Settings proposited;
Sorry joke.

Hi BlackSABER,

Your problem is caused by this option “Block fragmented IP traffic”, disable it and check. Refer enclosed image.

If it doesn’t solve your problem then please check your Inbox for private message and provide the requested logs.

And anti-arp spoofing is enabled which blocks certain ARP packets.

Turn the log, so it does not help.

Thank you, have you tried anti-arp spoofing option as futuretech said.

The problem is still there.

Hi BlackSABER,

Thank you, forwarded the latest logs to developer for investigation.