The Firewall Keep Monitoring My System

Yes you took the Anti-Spyware option from Windows Action Center, but it’s just that, Firewall keeps monitoring System actions and Unrecognized files, when I explicitly configured this to not happen, because I need performance and not that type of security, Just The Firewall, get it? fix this already,a asked many times now. You can leave the options but Comodo Firewall does not comply with its configuration

I know what you mean Saul Luizaga .

I’ve been saying that from the day I started using Comodo Firewall.

Why Does a firewall scan every file I launch even after disabling every single setting?
Why cmdagent is connecting to internet 200 times a day?
Why not have an option to deselect VirusScope and Cloud Lookup when installing the Firewall?

Comodo probably sell the metadata that collects while we use our computers, constantly, as computers are constantly connected to the Internet; everybody is doing it, some apps are practically clones of others just to sell your metadata, capitalism only apps; it’s practically benign spyware that simply won’t go away; this product is begging to be replaced by many clean competing products

like should be
also who else use comodo that much so comodo can sell userdata?

Probably millions since it’s a free, has a good configuration and GUI, and it’s excellent as a replacement for windows firewall, even too good: it even can block Windows Operating System and with it all apps from going to the Internet, it’s hilarious

Hello Saul Luizaga,

CIS helps to protect your computer from all known and unknown malware.For this purpose first it need to scan your PC and analyse what are the incoming and outgoing connections.If you modify any settings it will work as per your changes.
So it doing their work normally.And we are not selling your datas etc…For a security providing company needs to protect your PC and secure you from all other troubles.CIS doing this work only.
Further if you need any clarification regarding any request please don’t hesitate to ping us.

Kind Regards,

You don’t sell my data? I never wrote data I wrote meta-data and I seriously doubt you don’t, because if you do, you’re not gonna tell me or anyone else, companies do it secretly, to avoid law suits; but that’s besides the point.

The point being: you lied in your previous post or you don’t/care know how the Firewall not CIS work. The Firewall should only monitor what I tell it in the configuration but again it does constantly monitor my system not only network activity, detect new files created and checks as if File Rating was activated all the time, which I specifically disabled but now on this new update the disable checkbox is not even there anymore, so it’s hardcoded to on always.

Second, The Firewall should not detect what apps do or don’t do on my system, that’s the job of Avast in the case, the Antispyware and System Monitoring App, which I have it disabled.

The Firewall should be The Firewall and nothing else unless I configure it so, and so all the configurations should available to the user and optional for the user to choose as it fits their needs

A firewall that doesn’t have any self protection mechanisms is a jokewall and easily bypassed.

Since the previous post was talking about selling user data,and you responded with: "

it wasn’t an unreasonable conclusion, hence why Dharshu posted to clarify the issue.