The firewall is driving me nuts after updating Firefox

I like this firewall a lot… most of the time. But I updated Mozilla firefox this evening. And now, despite, that I have told the firewall several times it should allow Firefiox and remember my ansver. It seems to have got some kind of memory loss and gone ga ga. Cuz it keeps asking the same questions over and over again, driving me bananas. (:AGY)

I have tried shut down the “learning”. But it does’nt seem to help.


I had the same problem with an older version of Comodo, got it fixed by going into the rules and deleteing the program there and then starting the program and allowing there by recreating the rules. All was fine after that.

(:CLP) YES! That fixed the problem.
Thank you very much.

I whas worried that I may have to skip this fw and get another. Cuz I hate the ■■■■■■ and slow Internet Explorer.

And it is’nt easy to find a good firewall…and especially free firewalls is even harder. Now that Zone Alarm have gone too bothersome to use, since the introduction of version 6.0. And Sygate have been taken over by greedy Symantec ( Norton). So there is’nt any free Sygate fw’s any more.

And up til now, I have’nt found any other fw, that comes close to Comodo.

I really like the looks and how the Comodo works. I can’t find anything this fw lacks that you have on a "pay for " firewall.

I had the same problem when installing Firefox 2b2. CPF was OK with that and didn’t notice a change! That was worrying.

Then I put Firefox 1.5 back and CPF went berserk. I kept telling it it was OK but it kept putting up the alerts every time I browsed a new web page. It got particularly upset with Firefox restarting itself (so FF was the parent as well as the application) and I had to tell CPF to allow invisible connection attempts for this app/parent rule. That’s OK but in the end I gave up telling it and deleted this set of rules.

Sunbelt/Kerio PF asks once and that’s that. It shouldn’t be necessary to ask for every app/parent rule set and it shouldn’t be necessary to delete my rules.