The firewall doesn't remember my settings~

I have installed an online-game in a chinese directory (the path is in both English and Chinese). If the online game tries to access the Internet, the firewall will always ask me to allow or deny the access, although I have set “remember the settings” and “allow the online game” before.

The reason the firewall told me is that the online-game has been updated(not true) or it is modified by a virus (not true too). Therefore, the firewall always ask me to give the game the premission or not. It is annoying.

The same problem wouldn’t happen if the online game is in an English directory. (The path is in English.)

Is it a bug that the firewall itself doesn’t recognise chinese or other language? How do I solve it?

Hi. Since no one has replied, I can only assume the answer would lie with the official support team by filing a ticket.