The firewall doesn't protect anything :(

Tried it all!! And it still comes up that I am not protected! They need to FIX this problem!! This is like beta software! If you install a program and leave that many traces behind after uninstall it’s a shame! And Shame on you Comodo!! (:AGY)


Will you please file a ticket with Comodo Support, here:
You will need to register on the Support system to do so, but I think they will be able to better help you in a direct, one-on-one scenario, as this appears to be something specific to your system.

If you have followed the instructions given in the FAQ, manually cleaned all related entries from Windows registry, and so on, there is no reason for anything to be remaining. The software is not beta, nor is there any issue with the uninstall which is not common to every single uninstall of any software in existence, IMO. I say that given that the majority of users who uninstall the product have no such issues; it has been installed and uninstalled on hundreds - if not thousands - of systems the world over during beta testing, normal usage, and upgrades, without any difficulties.

This is not saying that you have done something wrong, or to lay any blame. It is simply that the preponderance of evidence is that this issue is not a result of a problem with the firewall application (ie, its code), but simply the result of some blip specific to your system. Sometimes, this simply happens with computers, and it’s absolutely maddening when it does. I understand your frustration; I went through several months of frustration trying to remove the last remnants of CAVS 1.1, due to an issue with the InstallShield installer that Comodo used; while I finally resolved it, there were other users who followed my process without success! That’s doggone frustrating for everyone!

Hopefully, knowing the internal workings of the code, Support will be better equipped to help you deal with the specifics of your scenario and get that resolved for you. Please let them know in your ticket that you have been directed by a Forum Moderator to file the ticket; if possible, provide them with links back to this thread, this post, and other threads you have posted in about this issue.


Thanks Little Mac, but I am not messing with this program again! I have tried 4 times to re install it and waisted almost 3 hours. If it wont install after all that then I don’t need this headache. (:AGY) (:AGY)

This makes no sense at all! I upgraded my Anti virus, Kaspersky. 6.125 to 7.125. then tried to see if CPF would work again. After installing it and re booting it works! :BNC Can anyone make sense on this? Dose your anti virus make it so CPF would not work???

KAV & AVS (the AOL version) does, yes. Wish I’d realized what AV you had, dwax - Ever since Kaspersky came out with their most recent scan engine (which I think was v6) there have problems of all sorts. Works on some systems, doesn’t work on others, refuses to communicate with the FW, disables portions (or all) of the FW, forces the user to uninstall the FW in order to use the AV, and so on. This is not just CFP, but apparently quite a few firewalls - this AV just doesn’t seem to play well with others.

We haven’t heard anything publicly from Comodo (or Kaspersky, afaik), but many users of both products have reported issues to both companies.

I see that 7.125 is not publicly released yet; are you beta-testing it? Perhaps Kaspersky is addressing the conflict on their end…