The file's alternative (aka. help/mouser over) link text won't change in sandbox

The file’s alternative (mouse over) link text won’t change in the sandbox popup window, CIS will show me the same text what was it got at the very first catch - after logging in. (see attached picture)

Can anyone confirm this to me, please? So i’ll move the topic to the bug section.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Ok, this is a bug, confirmed on another machine. Steps to reproduce:

  1. get 2 or more not known (not known by current CIS4) file, e.g. WinRAR and NVU html editor;
  2. start one of them, select don’t run in the sandbox;
  3. start the other one: you still got the same text when you move your mouse cursor over the link.

Tiny bug, but thanks for fixing anyway ;P.

Systems: Windows XP SP3.