The ever so permanent GAME MODE.

I don’t know who’s the bright person who came up with modifying “game mode” but you’d have to be a complete tool to think that the consumer want’s to set a PERMANENT “game mode”. Why in the world did you guys remove the timed out feature on game mode. We use to be able to set it for x amount of time and then it would default back to turning off game mode but now. Now every single darn time I set game mode, unless I keep the setting window of comodo up, I’ll forget about game mode being on for whatever problem I was having installing a given software and find myself running game mode for DAYS at a time.

I know, you’re thinking but… you’re a tool for not checking it again! Here’s the problem, when I set it on, it’s because I’m installing something and running through the stuff post install, I find it way too easy for me to forget to set it off, while in the old days, you could tell comodo to set it on for x amount of time.

But, the deeper here is not me forgetting it, but the fact that it has a PERMANENT status once set. I mean… what gives? Who in the world would think that’s it normal not to have a default time out on this function? GM for say, 5 minutes, 10, 25 and BOOM! It goes back to off, or have freaking comodo REMIND you that game mode is STILL on by popping up something.