The Enigma Protector false positives

Hello, I have noticed that your products (antiviruses) show false positives on all the files protected with Enigma Protector ( It detects malware in each protected file. But there are no any viruses, this is just false positives. Could please you solve this problem?

If you need additional information regarding protection signatures in protected files, I would be glad to help, contact me at…!



I moved your post to the correct section. This way, it will become resolved.

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Hi Vladimir,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. In order to verify and isolate this issue, it will be helpful if you submit a few samples that are misdetected to us. You can use Comodo Firewall | Get Best Personal Firewall Software for $29.99 A Year. On the webform check the “False-positive” radio and paste the link to this post in comments.

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Hi Ionel, thanks you for advice, I tried this service yesterday to upload file, but it did not work. Today everything looks well.

Of course, I will try to upload more and more files, but I seem this does not help to solve problems.

Would be better if your research specialist contact me at and I will explain more what signatures have protected files. It will help to analyse protected files much better and quicker…


Hello, the false detections still appears with Enigma Protector, each file still detected as a Heur.Pck.Enigma

It is confusing many users, could this false detection be solved?

If possible, could anybody from your research team contact me at to solve this problem?

It’s not only Comodo

Comodo false detects in each file, Avast false detects only on the main executable of the retail version that only comes to registered customers.

We are successfully working with many antivirus vendors, because each protected file has hidden signature that can’t be modified, and this signature allows very easy to detect malware and find illegal customers.

Very curious why Comodo developers/engineers still did not contact me and never reply on emails.

If this possible, please contact me at about signature details, or at least solve this false detection.

Hello Vladimir Sukhov,

This issue was fixed with the latest version of Comodo Internet Security (5.0.162636.1135).

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FlorinG - thanks you very much!
Anyway, if you will need any help from me determining protected malware, or (better) signature information, please contact me at, I ready to help!

Thanks Vladimir for your offer of assistance. :-TU