The Dragon just scorched my Firefox.

New to Comodo & Dragon etc.

I opened the dragon browser via sandbox and it asked me to log in with gmail acct. Then I 'impoted my Firefox bookmarks.

Now firefox is toast. ALERT MESSAGE “the bookmarks & history systemwill not function because one of FF’s files is in use by another application. Some security software can cause this problem.”

(My setup is 360 internet Security & Comodo FW.)

I’m sure its about browsers, sandbox & importing FF bookmarks. THE ISSUE IS NOT THERE OPENING FF OUTSIDE THE SANDBOX


Please answer the following questions so we can investigate the issue:

  • What version of Comodo Dragon are you using?
  • Did Dragon import the bookmarks from Firefox correctly?
  • Had you launched Firefox in the CIS sandbox before or did you get the error when you launched it for the first time?
  • Does Firefox still return an error after a system restart?

Thank you.

N>B> I have just uninstalled / reinstalled b4 finding your reply. But pls tell me how to correctly import the FF bookmarks plz.


  • Does Firefox still return an error after a system restart? YES

Judging by the error you were getting and the answer you gave it would seem that Firefox wasn’t able to access a file because it was being used by another application (possibly Dragon).
Please let us know if you encounter the issue again.

Importing data from other browsers is performed through: Dragon menu>Bookmarks>Import bookmarks and settings.

One other way to do it would be to export your bookmarks from Firefox (or other browser) as an HTML file, then import it in Dragon through the “Bookmarks manager” menu: Dragon menu>Bookmarks>Bookmarks manager>Organize>Import bookmarks from HTML file.