the difference between the traffic & attack ??

Hi Gentlemen

Please I would like to understand the difference between the traffic & attack in Comodo firewall. And how to know the difference between them. appreciate your kindly help.

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Hi beboroni.

Fundamentally, an attack could start out looking just like ordinary traffic, it wouldn’t be until other manifestations of the attack occurred that you could say for sure.

The Internet is a busy place with all kins of traffic flowing every which way, for one reason or another some of it could end up being directed at our PC’s. Some is perfectly legitimate and quite often necessary. Some is background noise and may be ignored and some may be intentionally malicious.

The best advice is to study the different kinds of traffic that can be found in ‘normal’ situations, and compare that with any deviation that occurs. This is what your log files are for.

Appreciate your reply Toggie. Really it was a great help. Thanks a lot.