The Devs Thread

I think there should be The Devs Thread. Some particular questions related to products or its features can only be well answered by the Devs. The Mods & Members here are really experts & helpful but sometimes an answer requires a confirmation from Devs. Users can post in this thread the particular question & Mods can move the post if they dont find it fit for the Devs thread. Devs will visit & reply the particular query. It will be easy for both the Users & Devs to post & reply the particular query respectively. Like the CEO, DEVS should also have their thread wherein only Devs will answer the query. What Say frds???


This sounds like a good idea. THe only thing that I can think would be wrong is devs are too busy to be answering forums. I’m sure that problems and conflicts are brought to their attention by mods. Kinda reminds me of a scene from office space. “I’m a people person. I talk to the customer so the engineers don’t have to. I deal with people!!”

Moderators here are far from coding and far from low-level coding. In most difficult cases they move threads to wrong place not understanding what’s written there.

I repeat 101 time. User-mode CIS gui component brakes the clipboard listeners/viewers chain by attaching itself with a wrong manner. I wish Devs would be busy with reading MSDN/SDK/DDK/WDK and all my posts not being trashed by some user with admin privileges called moderator. Instead reach those who responsible for code and QA.

To i4u1. Please respect our Mods, upsetting Mods would not help in reaching the Devs it would probably have a negative effect. As far as knowledge goes I think a lot of us would be very happy to have half of what some of our Mods know. A Mod didn’t reach his/her position from being someone who would go around trashing posts. I personally respect our Forum, Comodo and especially our Mods because the Forum would be a very unpleasant place without them. I give thanks to them for making the Forum enjoyable and for the time they give sharing their knowledge with us.
To Naren. Sorry for being a little off of your Topic with my post here.

When you think your topic was unrighteously moved please pm the mod who moved it and let him know why you think it was not the right decision.