The Development of MS Paint

Here is a video about the development of MS Paint over the years.

That has to be satire…

lol did you notice there were apple PC’s in the back sometimes ;D

Thanks Justin gave me a laugh anyway…brings back memories of infants school without the mess and that bit about two erasers at once…funni guy… :■■■■

It was the “…just double click on the icon, and it will open within minutes” line that gave it away…
as well as the upcoming ability to use two erasers at once…

It’s very well done though, any less subtle and it wouldn’t have worked, and any more subtle I’d have missed it altogether. :slight_smile:


That’s Paint in a nutshell. On the other hand, it’s possible to make quite amazing things too:


Wow that is amazing :o

LOL indeed

But yes some (amateur but very good) pixel artists I’ve come across say that Paint is very simple but great things can be made with it. If you’re a pixel artist (deprecated art opposed to image treatment in Photoshop and such) you seemingly don’t need any other tool. That car is a fine example of traditional pixel art, being a very big and difficult drawing, but this other one is totally amazing:



Maybe even better than the Lamborghini!