The Defense+ is not functioning properly

You want to view a screenshot?

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What level of user account did you install with, are you logged on as administrator of limited user ?
Did you change anything on the default windows security ?

Did you try to install this with Qvod disabled ? because this could interfere with the installation this is “security” software that monitors installations autorun and services key’s.

Also can you tell me what QQ.exe is doing ? according to google this could be a Trojan/AdWare/Spyware program.

I re-install windows after all normal

QQ.exe ? Ha ha Domestic popular chat software, MSN China


I have the same problem. Defense + will not work.

I uninstalled the firewall and before rebooting cleaned out the program file of traces of it. I ran a reg check to clear any entries there. Rebooted, reinstalled and no Defense+. The Diag. says all is ok.

Looking through the forum I saw a post from last year I think where someone said that they were trying to fix this problem. It must be a big one if it’s still not sorted.

Help, please


Downloaded it yesterday Ver.

Running Comodo
Memory firewall
Comodo BOC
Comodo Anti Virus
Comodo Backup

Windows firewalll and AV is turned off.
The security centre shows Comodo as the firewall but does not show it as the AV S/W.

Thank in advance for any help


I have a clean install of Windows XP SP3 and the installation was smooth but I am also getting the error that Defense+ is not working. It appears that the firewall portion is working as advertised, however the Defender+ is not. There are no applications logged in the Defender+ section of the app.

What additional information do you need to help troubleshoot this.