The Default Comodo UI needs a TINY tweak to be perfect.

This is a bit silly but I literally signed up for this forum just to voice this one complaint.

I was shown Comodo 16 by a friend who also values privacy and didn’t want to install Chrome. Needless to say, this browser is great. However, it needs one thing.

I don’t use the bookmarks bar, so I turn it off. However, for some reason the UI leaves too much space at the bottom, taking away from the web viewing space, and being awfully inconsistent. I know its a very minor thing, but I get annoyed easily by minor details.

Does anybody else notice this? Here’s a picture of what I’m talking about.

If you would like this change to the UI to happen, please vote above! Thanks!

I was going to suggest the Compact Navigation bar, but it’s not on about:flags anymore, where is it located now?

Hi megamanx,
It appears to have left the building, some reading here.

Glad to see other people are noticing this.

is this inconsistency in both full and small window size

i never noticed this before but now that i do see it i think it should be tweaked

Thanks for letting us know. We have fixed this already. You will get the fix with the next Dragon update.

Thank you very much for noticing this and fixing it in record time. :-TU