The DCS ProcessGuard is a dying company?

Dear Forum companions,
Please, forgive me for the question, but perhaps someone knows the true story if The DCS ProcessGuard is a dying company? Because I have heard some comments about it at other security forums.Some guys say The DCS ProcessGuard is a dying company and the DCS support team didn’t reply any question for the customers for a long time. Is that true? Why? He took a travel abroad.Did He falll in love. What happened for this great software research? What about its database? Someone knows the true and sad story. What about the lifetime licenses? I think he simply breached all the contracts.It’s a pity this happened. Very sad!

I don’t know what the truth of the matter may be, carioca. What I do know is that I emailed them several months ago and have received no response on my question.

Unfortunately, that sort of thing can lead to rumors, which will no doubt circulate the internet at lightning speed, morphing with each jump. In no time at all you will hear that space aliens abducted them for bizarre wedding rituals. LOL.

Never fear, CFP v3 with HIPS will be here soon; ProcessGuard may be a thing of the past at that point… ;D


Umm…folks, ProcessGuard has been discontinued for some time now…

And if you go to the official website:

It states, “Copyright © 2003-2004”, at the bottom.

Actually, the discontinued product was TDS (Trojan Defence Suite), back in 2005. Wilders closed down the rest of the Diamond CS threads/forums in December 2006, after a lack of response from their staff. Nothing was officially stated about the rest of the company closing.

Looking at the DCS forums there in Wilders, the last posting from a DCS staff was in October/November 2006.


No different from not supporting PG anymore :stuck_out_tongue:

Except an official explanation…

Which leaves us back at the

Why not contact them for confirmation?

Oh! Sorry. I forgot that could take another year for a reply ;D

Believe me, I already thought of that… Perhaps carioca would want to do that… :smiley:


I have already contacted the DCS PG staff last month but without any reply at all. Soya declared that PG has discontinued and It stated at its site but I couldn’t find out the advisory statement there. The only warning I encountered it was at the Wilders Security Forum. I think The DCS PG simply breached all the contract agreements with us. We should ask DCS PG for a reimbursement. Best Regards.
PS: The point it’s not a rumor anylonger it’s a truth because there is a notice from the administrator at the Wilders Security Forum but not from DCS PG.

Yeah, if it’s a rumour, then it must be one of the longest ones in history because even today Wilders members are still discussing it. (:LGH)

Hi, Soya.
the Wilders Security Forum closed the thread. I put a new poll yesterday and It simply removed without any reply. Best Regards.

Might not be that reliable of a determining factor… I emailed Foundstone nearly two months ago with a question, and only yesterday received a reply (that didn’t help to resolve the issue). I know Foundstone’s still around, so perhaps security companies are just slow slow slow to respond… :THNK


Hi, Little mac,
I agreed with you 100%. Co. sometimes wants only to sell the product but afterwards It forgets the loyal customer. Even though, PG is a great software and will be a loss to run without it. But I fear the databasis are outdated because the Security Softwares must update the databasis almost everyday because of the internet treats and hackers.The only one I think is similar to it it’s Pro Security. Perhaps System Safety Monitor and geswall too. I hope it still living up! If you have some news, please post here.Best Regards.

I would think, given the nature of ProcessGuard, that updates would not be all that critical (except for bugs in its operation, which I have yet to see - I still have the free version at home), since it’s working entirely on behavior, rather than malware definitions.

However, if you want to have access to support, you might want to try something else, that’s for sure. I don’t have any specific advice to steer you towards, there. I do think that once Comodo’s Firewall version 3 comes out, the HIPS included with that will be an excellent replacement. That’s due to start public beta testing in Mid-April; so if you can wait a few months…


LM is right. PG is not like a scanner that relies solely on signatures and databases. The only updates needed for such security software are bug fixes and vulnerability patches. The chance of a new attack vector is slim, as I found out at Wilders forum.


To Whom is interested to, mainly whom paid a lot of bucks to the fulfare license and didn’t receive any support anylonger,
pay attention to whom came back to the life and was reincarnated or get back from a long vacation with new site at
without any letter of appologies and fyi the new site just disappeared the registered customer support area. Very bad! Do not relying purchasing any software there! Be cautious!

Very interesting, and thanks for that little tidbit of info.

Of course, now that CFP v3 is here with its Defense + (HIPS), I don’t see much need for ProcessGuard. What would be nice (Melih, take note if you haven’t already decided to do this) is if Comodo would distribute Defense + as an individual application as well, for those folks that want to use a different firewall, but still want a free, cutting edge HIPS.


Yeah, you really should be cautious.

Whilst the site claims to be undergoing an updating process, which is correct by visual means, at the least, the free version of PG I downloaded there, was by no means the latest stable version…

3419 was the latest free stable version of that prog, towards the end of 2006, as I remember…

The version I downloaded was much older (early 2005 signature)…

So indeed, beware, I do not know if DiamondCS is still being under the original chiefs wings…WAYNE?

Maybe it takes some time, but some answer would be appreciated. Cause, if no answering here, well then…it has become a FAKE SITE. maybe because of governmental spy intentions or similar badasses…

Sorry but…

As always.

If it turns out to be a fraud…I am still in possession of the last free version, AND if so, I see no problem in posting the last freeware version here.


Hi, buddies!
I put comments about it at the Mcafee Site Advisor to advise as many people as It can to avoid this possible fake site or at least a non reliable company anymore as They treated their customers whom paid for the DCS Process Guard and service without any reimbursement. I’d like to add another observation at this site. Where’s the members area? They just gotten it off. Then, I have moved to Prosecurity that It looks like the DCS Process Guard Replacement and It’s a very serious company! Best Regards.


Sorry for my mistyping…

The last free edition of DCS PG was

As it was available as “freeware” at the end of 2006,
well, here it is again (need to be logged in!)

Use 7-zip to unzip it, PW = comodo


PS: I really do NOT recommend at this moment to use the included update function.
You may guess why…

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