The dark side of Comodo products

This is discussed in wilders also: The dark side of Comodo products | Wilders Security Forums

What do you think?

I’m over all of the “Anti Comodo” :-
IMO the topic has already been discussed on wilders and I see little reason for it here…


I hope none of these people use Google for anything. :wink:

But the wilders topic is already locked. I made this topic if someone wants to discuss more about it. If this topic is useless, then lock and delete it.

There is a reason for that :wink:
BlueZannetti’s post.

To all:

The only direction this thread seems able to go is speculation heaped on speculation mixed with touch of personal impression.

Anyone can read, or at least attempt to decipher, the EULA and make their personal decisions based on that reading. One can also weigh their own impression of the vendor’s overall track record and render a decision on that basis.

If clarifications are desired, or opinions regarding the current situation are to be offered, the situation is really the same as for any other vendor - use the vendor’s dedicated support mechanisms to obtain any needed clarification or to offer your own opinions on the matter.

With that, thread closed.


How about we lock it but not delete it?

Remaining judgement is at user discretion. :wink: