The cybersecurity mess on the White House front steps - Good article

The cybersecurity mess on the White House front steps. Good article. please read and give us your comments.

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That will become a though nut to ■■■■■ :wink:

Reduce DDOS attacks => protect all internet users pc’s so they can’t be used by criminals, that way they will have to create their own “attack farm” and they will lose anonymity and will be easier to be tracked down.

Make everybody aware that a malware/virus/attacker does not care about “paper” boundaries, it will just as easily infect a host in the US as in the UK or where ever an ip address is reachable. This will become the biggest administrative problem, as people tend to want to “control” some sort of boundary on traffic or something similar.
Not only politics, government, secret services etc… and again an attacker does not have these trouble, if it has an reachable ip, and a vulnerability then it’s game on.

Start teaching “common sense computer security” at schools not only how do i use internet, but also what are the things you need to keep in mind to be secure, that will bring up a much better level of protection on the next generations. (someone told you you should not jump of a running train type of stuff, you don’t have to make them security experts… :wink:

Have multi eye concepts on critical issues, people are buyable so you have to monitor those situations for anomalies.

Let it become a world wide platform not just a “US” or “EU” or what ever effort, all those efforts will lose expensive time if they have to invent the same thing again and again…

… where did i start dreaming :wink: