"The Cryptographic Signature"

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I have a program that I wrote (WanIPMailer at www.GreatDayDan.com) that gets the current IP address whenever it is run (I run it when starting Windows.)

CPF blocks it’s access to the Internet…every time. Even though I check the Remember option.

The Security Considerations message is “The Cryptographic Signature of WanIPMailer.exe has changed since the last time it connected to the Internet…”

I have checked Allow Invisible and also Skip advanced security checks on the Misc tab of the Application control rule.


I have the same problem. Now I have 2 applications, even set as “secure”, that still cannnot be learned by CPF. Same symptoms as GreatDayDan. Please see attached screens. One of application is company’s economic information system (network based on Pervasive.SQL), another one is company’s time evidence system (network, MSSQL based). Both applications use random TCP/IP ports, maybe it is causing problems. Both applications will generate several CPF popups when started.

This is so far the only problem I saw, but just one-day experience with product. Hope to see answer/solution soon.


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I’m quite dissapointed with the fact that there is no post from Comodo people to solve this problem…


Sorry to hear that no-one from Comodo has gotten back to you on this. While I don’t work for Comodo, I’ve got several contacts and will forward the details of your posting to them. Please bear with them, there is a huge amount of development work going on at the moment on many new apps and enhancements to existing apps. No excuse for not getting back to you, though.

IMO, both of the apps mentioned in this topic have one common factor - something changes in their operating environment every time they are run. In Dan’s case, I’m assuming the app is running on a DHCP’s LAN and the IP obtained when it’s run is stored within the app or its components, which would alter the signature. Ditto with the dynamic port assignment.

If Comodo come back and say this is the case, then it would certainly be worthwhile mentioning this on the Firewall wishlist. Comodo, as a rule, are exceptionally responsive to their users, and to the suggestions made in the wishlists. Maybe you could ask for the ability to exclude signature checking on specific apps that do dynamically alter each run.

Again, sorry for the delay in the response.

Ewen :slight_smile:

I also have this problem when it comes to Firefox Trunk/Branch Nightly Builds. Every day Firefox changes slightly and every day I get the pop-up regarding the Cryptographic Signature. This would really be a useful feature:P

Gang: Sorry, looks like this post fell through the cracks. I’ve just asked one of the developers to look at it.

Hi all,

There was a small bug in CPF which was causing this big trouble. We have already fixed the issue and the fix must be available with the next update.

FYI, we are trying to release a second beta (hopefully next tuesday), which has many improvements including the fix for this problem.

Thank you for the cooperation,