the conflict between Users & CFP 3

I’ve been putting my PC through alot of firewall tests via them firewall test sites that includes various leak tests. What i find a dilemma …a leak test we know that file is part of the leak test and we are meant to block it to simulate what a roolkit or trojan might try doing and if the firewall blocks it from communicating back to the remote test site then the firewall is successful and has passed the test.

Well from an average user point of view, I would not know in most cases if whether a file is part of a software file on my system or a rogue file trying to compromise my PC, yes sometimes I can just click IE and google what the file is, but some files initiate IE and if i was to choose block then IE wouldn’t load since its blocking that file and IE from any access rights (I should also say sometimes if you wait & choose no action to block or allow yet …you can’t load IE unless you choose Allow), so no way could i google the net about this file that i have no idea what it is, to see what is it and if I can allow it or not.

How many average people will find themselves in this situation? if ever it arose. I know I easily will find myself in these situations when a file I have no idea what it is or does wants to connect to the internet and it might be legit or if unlucky not and I will try to load up IE to find out if this file is safe or not, but if in the Popup alert it says this file is trying to initiate access via IE or whatever and i choose block then IE wouldn’t connect when I click it to google info about said file, unless I rebooted my PC and tried looking up info via IE afterwards.

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I think your ■■■■ on… neither average joe user, nor uber experienced user can know everything about every file that poses itself.

It certainly takes time to familiarize ones self with the “good guys” software in their system.

But I think, it is this very logic that drove the push to the creation of the “Train with Safe Mode” options. There is a core Safe file list that came with CFP 3, train with safe mode will probably catch a good majority of core windows activities for both Defense+ and Firewall portions of CFP.

And if you install a new piece of software (that you trust to be safe), and add the “new files” that comodo lists in the “Pending Files” list… that just so happen to match up to the location of the application you just installed… it is a pretty safe bet that you can add those files to “your safe list”, which will expand the “safe” files that CFP knows about, and defense+ and the firewall will auto-create/train the rules required for all your safe applications.

I think this is a great option/scenario for any user… experienced or not.

What about adding the option to google the file from the alert box?

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Hi Guys, thanks for the comments and feedback on this article/post :slight_smile:

I quite like that idea, …being able to just google info on a file within the Alert box itself if it could be implemented and have no tie in to any web browser like IE


Or you could use Firefox, opera or safari to look of your info on those files.

hmm :THNK I didn’t think about that

I downloaded and installed Opera a couple days ago, because I was curious about trying out a new web browser and I read good things about Opera, but after a few hours I uninstalled it, because there was one thing i couldn’t put up with, with it …and that is the fonts are so uncomfortable to look at let alone read :frowning: so I spent a couple of hours looking at every related site/info I could find about “using cleartype with Opera”

To my surprise only way to get cleartype in it, is to turn on cleartype for the desktop :-\ which for me is no good because everything on the desktop with cleartype is uncomfortable to look at or read only the browser is where i need to have cleartype.

So did some more digging on the net and read that only IE7 enables cleartype for just its browser all other browsers can’t do that they need to rely on having cleartype turned on for the entire PC :cry:

but your suggestion is interesting :slight_smile: i might look into downloading another browser just for that, maybe firefox since i used it a few years ago, though i didn’t like how its not compatible with every webpage on the internet compared to Internet Explorer.

thanks for the comment and suggestion :slight_smile:

I use firefox with the ie tab add-on - it seems to work pretty well. If the page does not work well in firefox you just right click to open in a tab in firefox but using internet explorer within the tab. ;D

Hi N.T.T.W

i didn’t know you could do that, thanks for that info :slight_smile:

its been quite a few years since I used Mozilla’s browser, I think it was firefox back then but I can’t remember and that was when I had a CRT monitor instead of an LCD panel monitor so webpages showed fine for me without cleartype back then, now thats not the case. I see right now Firefox is on version 2.0

I think I’ll wait till firefox 3.0 is out and finalised and then I’d be curious to see just how good it may be for my usages. one thing for me that is a definite must though and that is for a browser to have cleartype without having to have cleartype enabled on the desktop, so I’d be hoping come Firefox 3 it may have that feature ;D

I have a LCD monitor and have opera and firefox and the page seem to show up as good as IE. Then again i’m not too nit picky on those things.

Just use both. Opera or firefox for looking up the files and IE for everything else.