The configuration migration joke [Resolved]

Yeah I just updated my firewall to the latest release (, the migration thing told me it had to migrate my configuration to make me benefit from the latest scurity things and I had the wonderful surprise after restart to find that ALL MY SETTINGS were reset to DEFAULTS ??? And moreover that I can’t go back to previous saved (exported) configurations! If I import and select one from a previous export it says it’s all OK with a smile but when I check under the firewall rules, everything is EMPTY!!!

No need to say that I’m a bit annoyed! PLEASE TESTS YOUR CODE BEFORE MAKING PUBLIC RELEASES!!!

You just made me lose hours and hours of configurations!!!

When a configuration is exported it should be saved in a human readable format such as XML so that when the program is unable for some buggy reason to import and use a saved configuration properly you can at least re-create it by hand! Now I just have unreadble binary…

You have to fix this because this is REALLY ANNOYING! As the fact that a COMODO updates need two windows restarts…

Your software is really good but those annoying things ruin it all…

I’m sorry for this post and the tone I use but I’m really upset!

days, man, days of configurations!!! (:AGY)

hey please respect the man nerousness… even if it’s just a couple of hours it’s still not acceptable.

I fully share 2072 position. The same situation happened to me and it is not funny.

Totally agree. Really annoying. My 2p’s worth added here:

The endless alert screens for firewall and defense + is really annoying. I get that this firewall is free but if I were paying for software that behaved like this on every single update like Comodo does I would buy something else.

I don’t have time for this. I’ll give Comodo a go because I do love them but if there is another update that sticks me in the shorts I am moving on to something else.

I totally agree and I have to quote your entire post but…
I’ve found a way to read exported settings. It’s very simple!
The file exported by CPF is nothing but a Registry Hive File. Yes! :wink:


  • Open Regedit.exe, select(1 click) the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE key and go to File>Load hive….
  • Find your saved Comodo settings file and open it, give it a name (eg. Comodo_settings).
  • You will find a new key with the name you selected contains all the comodo settings in a comfortably browsable tree just as a normal registry structure.

Now you can edit keys and subkeys as you want, or export it in .REG text file readable with notepad.
To unload hive file:

  • Select the Comodo_settings key
  • File->Unload Hive…

I think the edited hive/settings file can be re-imported in Comodo.
You can also load both old saved and new settings and, I think but I’m not sure 100%, edit new according your old.

NOTE: If you export in .REG text format all the numbers are in Hex format so you have to convert in decimal with your calc.

Anyway I’ll make some test to verify re-imported config files.

I hope it helps. And sorry for my poor english.

That’s great thank you very much for sharing this information :slight_smile:

Ok, more good news.

I loaded both old and new settings.
I edited the old by looking for any changed/added/removed keys in the new.
So my old settings have become in the same “format” as the new from version.
So I kept the old settings (policy, rules, ip, emule, torrent,…) plus I added the modified items from the last version.
I noticed the new settings contain additional rules for the predefined things (Web Browser, Email Client, Ftp Client, Trusted Application, …)
Then I unloaded the hive and imported/selected in CPF… WORKS GREAT!!! :BNC
All my settings were kept!! And all is working perfect. :■■■■

I hope you too can fix this issue! :wink:

happy you, pippozzo and great work, but too late for me - I’d already started all from beginning.
But I do bookmark this page for upcoming updates :wink:

Thank you ei4ia!!
But I think only that I was very lucky to find that trick ;D
Anyway I’m pleased to be helpful to someone! :-TU

PS. I forgot to write that I think it is better to restart windows after imported settings to avoid strange behavior.

PS2. I used Registry Workshop instead of regedit because it’s more powerful and allows drag and drop from one key to another (Very useful, I think)

Hye to everyone,
i got the solution right now.
What you have to do is open regedit.exe and at this line :


then save this like a reg file

i just did from a pc (windows xp pro) save the configuration in file reg.

master and click it to file into a laptop (windows xp home ed.) just formatted and installed same progs and comodo 3 and after a reboot and i got all rules i have in pc

Well , maybe give a try in a save way i am not a profesionist

Let me know

Here is my file on text format


[attachment deleted by admin]

This problem was fixed along time ago. This post is 4 months old.

I closed this thread, let me know if you want to re-open it (PM me or other moderators).