The computer that never crashes...

OUT of chaos, comes order. A computer that mimics the apparent randomness found in nature can instantly recover from crashes by repairing corrupted data.

Dubbed a “systemic” computer, the self-repairing machine now operating at University College London (UCL) could keep mission-critical systems working. For instance, it could allow drones to reprogram themselves to cope with combat damage, or help create more realistic models of the human brain.

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Very interesting

Drones is a horrible thing to bring up as a potential usage area, especially when they make it sound like a positive thing, lets not forget what drones are used for, drones don’t fight drones but rather they slaughter innocent people that has no chance.

Edit: Of course the rest is very interesting.

Drones are currently being used to spy on and monitor everything, even us.
There is a debate going on about privacy issues and these drones.

That’s not everything they are used for and the example brought up obviously meant drones made for combat due to the part where they say “[…] allow drones to reprogram themselves to cope with combat damage, […]” Drones are currently used without have regards whatsoever to human lives and civilians in general, they are used without any real guidelines and the US government doesn’t seem like they even want guidelines or restrictions or anything to stop their drone strikes.

Edit: And not surprisingly, more countries are developing drones at the moment. Fine if they were used in drones versus drones, but at the moment they are used to slaughter people they THINK are bad and this has proven to have a big failure rate since more than 170 children have been killed from drone strikes and I can’t remember for certain but I think the total number of innocent people killed are over a thousand.
But no no, it’s fine using drones in other countries!

Edit 2: Though this is rather off topic.

Getting back to the Subject, eventually every computer will encounter a problem that will either make it crash or have the user reboot or run diagnostics.

I doubt if they have this feature now?, Mac had a feature that made it a lot simpler and easier over Windows if it had a crash.

Many times with Windows you had to format and reinstall.

With the Mac all you had to do back then, was remove the bios battery, wait a minute or two, and then reinstall the battery. The OS was up and running again


Exactly what is it that made this specific to Mac? What did the feature do? And why did it not work for Windows?
I don’t really believe a software problem with the actual OS would be solved with resetting the bios (which is what happens when you remove the battery) and removing the bios battery has worked for Windows too (at least for me) since it’s not even software specific since it shouldn’t really affect anything other than the bios.
It sounds to me like you are mixing a corrupted operating system with Windows and a hardware error with Mac. If you’re not then I’m baffled since it shouldn’t have made any difference.

But about a decade or so back if you used windows and it crashed you had to format and reinstall.

Mac at that time had the OS on a chip on the mother board so all you had to do was pull the bios battery, wait and reinstall.
Now this resets to the original factory default and all modifications would have to be installed and hopefully all other software and files would have been backed up.
Remember this was more than a decade back !

Not sure if it was a patent or what but Microsoft never did (as to my limited knowledge) ever provide installing the OS on a chip.

If you could install the Microsoft OS on a chip and update for security by using a toggle and password. OS corruptions and malware targeting the OS would greatly reduced, BUT the other software we use and what we save still would need to be protected and Backed UP !.


A very interesting concept, but it is really a highly advanced extension of what is already in-use now.

You will note that this computer can only repair corrupted code, not hardware. It does this by keeping multiple (i.e. redundant) copies of code and repairing corrupted code from uncorrupted copies.

A raid disk array is a much simpler example of this available now where data on a failed drive can be automatically re-created when the drive is replaced. There are commercially available computer systems (e.g. HP NonStop) that contain fully redundant hardware (disks, CPUs, comms, etc.) which can continue running after any one of these hardware items fails.

Although this computer is probably orders of magnitude more reliable than conventional systems, it can never be crash-proof because its code can never be 100% bug-free. A software bug can always cause a crash because it can cause a theoretically impossible condition to occur which cannot be repaired because there is no bug-free version of the code to repair it.

And even IF the computer would never crash because of code, the hardware would still wear down, so unless they have redundancy on that and ability to swap out broken parts during operation, then it’s not crash proof because the hardware could crash after a few to many years.

i dont think making drones with that ability or anything that can be weponized should have that ability

hopefully there wont be a skynet virus or rise of the machine or HAL or … you get the point


from what i understand from the article each system is a separated module and works in parallel with other and copies from backup copies if corrupted

also not sure if the rewriting of code is also with the system but if it is i hope i doesnt have the capability to remove any last resort to stopping said system