"The Comodo Network Monitor is not active."

Hi, today I came across something with CPF 2.4 that I haven’t seen before. To free up RAM for a 3D rendering, I terminated every process that I knew was possible to kill. Including CPF (well, not kill, exit), after unplugging the network cable. As the rendering would take two hours, I decided to fire up CPF again, and reconnect to the net, so I could amuse myself at the Comodo forum.

Now, CPF didn’t start up very well. See the screen shot below. Only cpf.exe was running, not cmdagent.exe. The reason why there are three alerts may be that I minimized/maximized the CPF windows three times.

Has anyone seen this before? Do you think I should post a ticket, or is it unnecessary, as 3.0 should be here soon?


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Hi, have you tried to reboot your computer and see if it fixes the problem?
cmdagent.exe is the system service, and it’s needed for CPF to work, cpf.exe is just the interface.
I think it should be fixed if you reboot your system, as cmdagent.exe is set to run on start-up.


Yes, I’ve had this happen a time or two, but it is always after terminating a firewall process for maintenance (as you indicated) or after using a batch file to replace new settings after an install or upgrade and accidentally starting the firewall with the new settings before applying the old…rebooting has always made this go away. CHUCK (:WAV)

I am not sure why this happens It a happened a time or two to me also.
Same basic scenario
Not sure if a ticket has ever been opened for this but I know its not a unique problem

THe only solution I found was to back up the comodo reg and uninstall and reinstall and restore
the registry key with your setttings is HKLM/system/software/comodo
or if you search the is a backup script that will back up comodo for you


Ah yes, I rebooted immediately. CPF started normally, as expected.

So maybe this occured because I didn’t only exit cpf.exe in the normal way, I also killed cmdagent.exe via the Windows Task Manager. And when I then decided to start cpf.exe again there was, of course, no cmdagent.exe running. Conclusion - I shut down the actual firewall as well as the interface, and then started only the interface - which wasn’t a good idea… now this scenario can’t really be considered as totally “normal”, can it? The average user probably won’t ever do this to the processes. Anyway, I’d better post a ticket, just to inform Comodo.