The Comodo Backup Windows Service

I’m confused by the “Load at Windows Startup (All/Current Users)” options. Doesn’t the Comodo Backup service always start when the OS starts? But then, what?

  • If no users log on, does it process scheduled backups for any/all users?
  • If user “A” logs on, does it backup schedule backups for just user “A” or for all users?

Yes I am too wondering what this service does.

I’ve found if the Comodo Backup program is NOT running – then you get no backups. It’s only if the program is running at the scheduled time, that it does anything – which is pretty silly really.


The difference between “Service Backups” and “User Backups” is explained in the FAQ (see below).

[at] sikosis, It sounds like you’ve defined the backup job as a “User Backup”, whereas if you want the backup job to run regardless of if Comdo Backup is running, you need to change the backup type to “Service Backup”.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

Yep … that’s the case

User Backup - Program Open - It works.

User Backup - Program Closed - No backup.

Service Backup - Program Open or Closed. Service Running - No backups at all.

So, my question is what does the service do, because it’s currently doing nothing.

DOH! Forgot to add that if you want to set up a service type backup, you need to be logged in as an adminstrator or administrator equivalent, and also ensure that the backup service is started.

Providing these conditions are met, it should just work.

I set my backup jobs up over 12 months ago and haven’t had to touch them, other than to add additional folders to the job definition. It did take a bit of fiddling and fudging, btu one the jobs were defined correctly, they just worked.

Let me know what happened after the jobs were defined under an admin login.

Ewen :slight_smile:

I had originally installed Comodo Backup as the Domain Admin … so I uninstalled it and installed it as the Local Admin of the machine … still no joy.

Do you any security policies in place that restrict local admin access?

Nope nothing like that … even when I installed it as the local admin, the service is running it doesn’t do anything at the scheduled time.

Might just have to use this app in User mode and have it running all the time … not the best scenario but I don’t see anyway around it.

Can you verify that you have “active backup” box checked in the “edit backup” window please.

What happens when you push the “test backup” button?


Do you have the Windows task scheduler service running?

The latest release of Backup uses the windows service, rather than an internal timer.

Ewen :slight_smile:


I have had the exact experience that sikosis describes. That is, even though the comodo backup service is running and as an administrative user, scheduled “service” backups do not run. The only backups I have been successful in running are the “user” types with the tray app loaded.

I have a very simple Windows XP SP3 setup (no server domain, policies, etc.).

I really like what I see in this product, but “user” backup is not useful to me.

Has the issue been resolved?

Many thanks for your assistance.

To make service type backups run automatically, the Windows Task Scheduler service MUST be running. Can you double check this, please. You also need to be logged in as an adminstrator when you are defining the service backup jobs.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Thank you Ewin.

I have indeed verified that the Windows Task Scheduler sevrice is running (I depend on it for a several things, so it’s always running).

The user account logged on while creating the Comodo backup job is an Administrator. The Comodo backup service is running as Adminstrator as well. (I forced the Comodo backup service to run as Adminstrator, as opposed to the default “Local System Account”).

But still no joy!

Thanks again.

  • Clark


Upon further analysis, I came upon a post of yours where you wrote that scheduled backup jobs do not work if the backup’s destination is a NAS device and Windows drive letter mapping is used. The solution is to use full UNC path.

In my earlier posts, I never thought to mention that I am using a Maxtor NAS drive. I am not sure why this matters, so if anyone can educate me on the difference between a mapped drive and UNC in the context of the Windows scheduler and the Comodo backup software, I would be grateful.

Here is that post:

Thanks to cjessing too!

The Comodo scheduler now works perfectly!

I hope this helps the others with backup service issues.

  • Clark

Hey Clark,

The only reason I can think of is that drive mappings are a user-specific setting, whereas UNC connections are user independant.

Glad to hear its working for you.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Fellows, I’m very lost.
I installed the Comodo Backup version 2.2.127000.12 and tried to create a synchronized folder backup from a windons 7 computer to a drive in the network.
I can create the job, with the folliwng settings:
Step 1: Selection Type
Backup Source: “Files and Directories” and then selected a particular folder as source.
Step 2: Backup Settings
Did not touch thing besides Backup Format to Synchronized copy
Step 3: Backup Path
Backup Destination: Network and them selected the destination (which is a Mac Mini sharing a USB HDD)
Step 4: Other Settings
Did not change anything.
Step 5: Setting for Schedules backup
Did not change anything. (I would not be able even if I try since the Scheduled Backup option is disabled/grayed out)

The first backup ran fine, but now what are the steps to make this job run everytime computer is on or logged with the correct user?
I could not even find an option to enable Comodo Backup to run at Windows Startup!

I’m using Windows 7 on a i3 processor 4GB RAM and running Comodo on the admoinistrator account.

synchronized back up is run every so many minutes, if you did not touch that setting it check all of the files every 5 minutes and updates them for you.

This I could figure out, but how will it work when I restart the computer?
There is no service been launched at windows startup. Should I just include CB.exe to Windows Startup folder?
Is this the way?

It is a service so look in control panel, admin tools, services. Now find comodo backup and it should be started and set to automatic. So when you restart your computer it loads automatically.