The Comodo Application Agent is not running!

???The comodo application agent is not running. How can I fix it? because even I run the diagnostics the problem is still not fix and I try to Uninstall the CIS and reinstall again but when I tried to Uninstall then the windows pops up and said "The Installer has encountered an unexpected error installing this package. This may indicate a problem with this package. The error code is 2318. What should I do now? or Is the comodo are trying to fix something thats why the comodo application agent is not running? ???

-before this happen, I used the Comodo System Cleaner and when I reboot my computer this what happen… I try to open the CSC again but I can’t open it anymore… then I try to update the CIS becuase the virus scan is not working either, but the update is failed also and said that cmdagent.exe: Access is denied.

Me to. I see no answer from Comodo since April 10th so I am a little unsure. I get run diagnostics, so I run diagnostics which says errors have been corrected and to restart my computer. Whereupon EXACTLY the same thing happens again. Are antivirus and firewall working???
I used v3 for ages and had NO problems, then upgrade to V4 and ■■■■.
Slow startup, slow computer. ???
Can ANYONE help?