The browser competition - Internet Explorer 8, Firefox 3 and Opera 9.5

Internet Explorer has been available for download for some time now from here, Firefox 3 from here and Opera 9.5 from here
I’d just like to know if anyone has tested any of these, and what experiences you’ve had with the new versions.

I’m using Firefox 3, and I don’t notice any big different, except for a minor GUI update. Works really stable. Might give Internet Explorer 8 a try.


My scores:

FireFox 3.0 pre5 Build ID:2008032904 (yesterday) – 4 extensions
sunspider: 2753.8ms +/- 0.9% FFox
Acid3: 71 % FFox

9.50 beta Build 9815
sunspider: 6083.8ms +/- 0.7% Opera
Acid3: 66 % Opera

I have only 1 (one) webpage I cannot access without IE(6). I see no reason to upgrade.
I find Opera rendering slightly faster, despite the above scores. But NoScript is essential if I just want to “click happy”, so I use Opera for sites I trust, like for this forum.