The Best Video Ever

yes it’s thee best ever in the whole world (:AGL)

You’re my hunny bun, sugar plum, pumpy-umpy-umpkin.
You’re my sweetie pie.

You’re my cuppy cake, gumdrop, snoogums-boogums,
You’re the apple of my eye!

And I love you so, and I want you to know that i’ll always be right here.

And I love to sing this song to you,
Because you are so dear!



I’m hyper so please excuse my ab-normal-ness

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lol noscript i see?
and you are using firefox?
if you are you can just go here

Firefox 3 with NoScript and no flash.

Comment for song: Err…? ;D

lol you know you like it…
Everyone loves snoogums-boogums,