The best possible news

Last Tuesday, I became a grandfather for the fourth time - Darcy Allan was born 6AM and is absolutely beautiful.

Life is good. :slight_smile:

Ewen :slight_smile:

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Congratulations Ewen ;D

I’m happy for you Ewen. It is a splendid moment. Enjoy it.

All the best to Your grandchildren. :wink:

Congratulations Ewen. :■■■■

Panic, again congrats on your growing Family :a0

What age span ? In the summer do you roll and kick balls and have one of them tugging at your pant legs?
Just took a second look, does someone play the piano in your family?


Congratulations Ewen! All the best to the mother, father, and new little one. :slight_smile:

Congratulations with becoming grandfather for the fourth time. :slight_smile: :-TU

Four grandchildren, congratulations!

Be sure to spoil them rotten :wink:

That’s grandparents and uncles and aunts prerogative… :smiley:

To Ewen. Congratulations to you and your family.
He is a mighty fine looking fellow, I suppose he got his good looks from his Grandfather? (:LGH)
I bet you have had some proud hair loss or more greys added since this moment here
Welcome to the world Darcy Allan and Best wishes to you all. :BNC

You can’t spoil perfection. :wink:

Congratulations Granddad :■■■■

I’m probably a bit late with congrats, since I missed the topic,
but indeed … all the best wishes from the bottom of my heart, Ewen!

You are not only one of the best and productive helpers/moderators “out there”,
You are quite productive Granddad as well
I’m thinking whether that’s an appropriate/relevant definition 88)
Yest it is! ;D

Cheers :-TU & beers! :■■■■

Will toast with a Jim Beam (duty free :wink: ) on your new arrival to the family.

Nice 1 :■■■■


If you’re going to toast with Bourbon, make it Blantons or Booker thanks. :■■■■

congrats Ewen!

Enjoy …passes so very quick…


But it was all they had in the Duty Free shop in Majorca (apart from JD), and at 30% off i couldnt resist. Also got an Arbelour Abundah 59.5% single malt, will that suffice :wink:

COngrats Ewen. :slight_smile:

Congrats Ewen!
I also have a grandchild, she’s an hurricane ;D