The best of Vettetech (A compilation of retorts that made my day)

[I submit this only with the best of intentions and perhaps a lame attempt at joviality.]

Over time, I’ve noticed I’ve begun to look forward to our distinguished hero’s replies to certain topics or posts whose subject (or author) elicits a response that could be described as “short and to the point”. The thing is that I can almost hear him sitting at his monitor, mired in frustration at the imperceptive nature of either the query or the author themselves – and sometimes it just kills me. Here’s a few of my favs:
(forgive the paraphrasing)

“I tried giving you advice but you don’t listen. Didn’t you get a D+ pop up? You said trusted zone. That is the firewall.”

“Why on earth did you do that? Cfp.exe is related to the GUI. cmdagent.exe is part of the firewall itself and D+. TURN IT ON.”

“Stop posting the same thing in Wilders for one. D+ is NOT a nightmare.”

“You mean…’No my modem does not have firewall built in’. Is that what you meant?”

“Man you’re asking a lot of questions.”

…and my all-time favorite:

“Why do you have windows being blocked? Why did you put that rule there? Remove that.”

Again; I intend no disrespect – just tend find humor in the innocuous.

Peace O0

Haha, i must say i found this one rather funny :stuck_out_tongue:

hahahahahahaha LOL


and this is his reply in my thread ;D
I didn’t say where you bought it. I said manufacturer

Vettetech rules! :Beer :Beer

Here’s the latest:
Why do you need to? Stop shutting down Comodo. I never have to stop Comodo nor to I have to ever play with the services. I boot up and leave it alone.

I like the direct responses :-TU

damn, you’re fast! i was about to quote it (:TNG) :-TU

i found this one a little funny too… Be sure to read all your alerts and not just go click happy.

An absolute cracker:

If you have been in install mode for the past days you better do a virus scan and soyware scan.

I promise you my picture won’t be on that computer

Vettetech of the day:
“If you look at his posts he will not leave Comodo alone. He keeps shutting it down, doing this and doing that then wondering why it doesn’t work right.” :slight_smile:

Why hasn’t Vettetech commented in HIS thread? :o

He’s probably saving up to tear me a new one. God help me next time I post a stupid question.

I think he’s only seriously interested in the firewall boards ;D

Fair play to Vet i say,

Most of the time he just says it as he sees it,

come on be honest,if there weren`t people like Vet and Ganda in this forum it would be a much duller place.

No offence intented BTW


ps i`m sloshed ;D :Beer :Beer :Beer

A reply I received from Vettetech:

I don’t need facts its the truth.

I couldn’t figure out an answer for that one :slight_smile:

Al (I don’t think Vettetech likes me) Adric

(:WAV) bye2 comofo, you’re alone.don’t expect any help from us. ;D

hmm, have you tried to answer him with kisses like this? :-* :-* :-* ;D

edit :
update! ;D

Im famous…cool then give me an award

OK OK. I am home now. My son had lacrosse practice and I have him for the weekend. I am LFAO over all this. Too funny. Thanks guys. You know I am no modder but I enjoy helping people but come on now. Its fun to pick on stupid people. Thats why I am so direct. I even helped you Comofo. Hey Melih were is your comment. Just remember who has the sticky up there for gaming. ME. LOL. BTW people I am a full time GM Technician. Hey don’t forget I am also the Comodo spy. I can spy or is it soy on OA.

You did it again :slight_smile:

Its fun to pick on stupid people

You’re not trying to out do Ganda are you?
this could get interesting…


…and more than once - thus the homage.

Hey, did you know there’s a glitch with PD08? (:WIN) LOL (actually)

People complaining about Comodo and PD2008 is nuts. I use both and love both. Big deal you cannot do an offline defrag. There is more then one way to skin a kat. Opps I mean cat. Hey adric. Honestly I don’t like you. LOL. JK. But you know damn right well that Adaware 2007 is junk and SAS is far better.