The best mode settings for newbies, especially in regards to Train w/ Safe?

Hello, all. New Comodo Firewall Pro 3 user here. I’ve googled this and searched your forums but haven’t found anything that pertains to this directly. So, here goes with a newbies dumb questions:

While researching Comodo before I made my decision to download it, I saw a mention that during installation you could set the program to a “beginners” mode - I don’t know if that is the same as “training” or maybe it refers to just the “basic” firewall. I’d like to know more about this. I’m a little confused as to which mode to set the program in. I don’t mind a fair amount of alerts while the program learns my system, but I don’t necessarily want to be overwhelmed by them. My knowledge of pc security is probably average (or maybe slightly below) so I also don’t mind learning about the program, and I like comprehensive security with control over what happens on my pc.

In searching the forum, and in the program itself, I’ve noticed that some Comodo “applications” don’t work in either Clean PC or Training mode. Assuming that “Safe” is probably the best mode overall, is that good for someone new to the Comodo program?

In one post I read in this forum it was suggested to run in “Clean PC” and “Train with safe”. But I don’t seem to have an option for “train with safe.” In Firewall I have Block all, Custom Policy, Safe, Training, Disabled. In Defence+ I have Paranoid, Safe, Clean PC, Training, Disabled.

So the basic questions are a) if there is someone who could suggest the best modes for both both the Firewall and Defense+ for a beginner to use, and b) what is the “train with safe” mode and why don’t I see it?

This is single user PC, in a home, running Windows XP.

Thanks in advance. I hope I posted this correctly. If not or any further info needed, let me know.

Hey penley & Welcome to the Forums!

During installation of Comodo Firewall Pro 3 you will have the options off either:
Firewall with Defense+ (Includes HIPS which deals with Malware)
Firewall (You only need an network Firewall)

Basically, If you wan’t just a basic Firewall & not bothered with HIPS to prevent malware, Then choose Firewall. However… We do Recommend Firewall & Defense+ Because it provides leak protection & malware protection.

So if you have CFP 3 with Defense+… “Clean PC Mode” Would be for a clean PC. What this means is that All currently applications on your computer are assumed SAFE, Therefore, You will get 0 pop ups for them. But unknown/new applications introduced to the computer will make the Firewall & Defense+ Alert you.

Safe Mode (It was formally known as “Train with Safe Mode”) Is for if your not sure if your computer is clean off malware. Therefore, This setting will learn all applications installed on your computer and unknown/new ones. You will get alerts for them… Make sure “Remember my answer” is checked so you don’t get alerts for the same programs all the time… Alerts will eventually die down.

A tip for you is… When you install an application, And Defense+ Alerts you… Make sure you “Treat this application as installer/updater” What this does is creates a policy in which when you are installing the application you will get no pop ups. Over time it will switch back to previous mode automatically (you will get alerted).

So Basically… Clean PC Mode is for a NEW PC or 100% Free off malware. Clean PC Mode & Safe Mode are the most common & suggested settings for Defense+.

Train with Safe Mode… Is to train all applications.


For firewall: Safe Mode
Safe mode is a good setting, since it only allows outgoing with safe applications from comodo and will trigger on everything else. I wouldn’t recommend going further down unless it’s really temporary (goes double for disable which probably shouldn’t be switched to heh). If you know your way around and can figure out what and what should not be connecting, you can probably go up one more.

Defense+: Safe Mode
“Clean PC” and “Train with safe” I think refers to defense plus clean mode and safe mode respectively. I can only guess because since the higher up you go, the more control you have. I really don’t recommend paranoid. I can’t really remember what the difference is between clean and safe, other than with clean your stuff ends up in the review folder, which is probably the best way to go since it should give you less pop-ups, but I would recommend safe mode. Yeah you get pop ups quite a bit, but all the safe ones by comodo are allowed anyways, and this way you don’t risk a trojan or something being assumed safe, unless this is a new pc or you formatted or something. Of course you could always set it on clean mode and double back over all the applications and start tossing out the ones you don’t like.

Thanks for the excellent and detailed replies. Since no one reccommened “Training” mode, I’ve switched the Firewall and Defense+ both to “Safe” mode. Have been working several hours this morning–normal tasks and surfing–and have not been overwhelmed with alerts.

In reading about Comodo prior to downloading, I saw a lot of mentions of folks being bombarded with alerts which is one reason I quit ZoneAlarm a couple of years ago. But so far, its not bad at all.

Also read that Comodo is difficult and time-comsuming to configure and set-up, but haven’t found that to be the case. Not real crazy about the Toolbar and not too sure if it is absoulutely necessary–I’m not fond of extra toolbars in general. But time will tell, and so here on my 2nd day as a Comodo user, it’s looks pretty good.

Thanks again for the replies.

You didn’t have to install the toolbar. It gave you the option to uncheck it before installing. Training mode is only a temporary mode. There is no real time consuming set up for Comodo unless you need to share your network. See here for the toolbar.

Thanks, Vettetech. I realize I’d didn’t have to install the toolbar, but it wasn’t clear if the “safe surf” worked without it. I’ve just hidden the toolbar now and it looks goods. I am curious what you mean by “real time consuming”?

dose the tool bar work in windows version of safari? just curious as i was going to try out comodo and glad i looked at this part of the fourm as i as well dont like allot of pop ups. also i have a router with 2 pc connected is there a special setting for this as well for when i do get it i want to setup right dose comodo detect this upon install?.

I was only quoting you. You said that you read it was time consuming which its not.

Haha, my bad, Vettetech. The way you wrote it made me think it was a techno term.

But you are right, it is not time-consuming. If fact, so far Comodo seems great. I have had none of the difficulties I had read warnings about. It seems to be pretty easy to set up and operate, athough at this point I have not done much with it, as far as tweaking the settings and so on. I’m not sure I really have to, as Comodo seems to know what it’s doing just fine. In the past I’ve used Black Ice, Norton, Zone Alarm, Panda and probably a couple of others I can’t remember. It’s looking like Comodo will turn out to be the best of the lot.

My only complaint, and it’s a small one, is that I wish the User Guide had some definations of the various terms, especially for applications. (Maybe I haven’t found them yet.) Some of the options, like Trusted Application, are self-explanatory, but I can’t find out what Isolated Application means or does.

Yesterday as I opened a certain program for the first time with Comodo installed, I got an alert and perhaps I didn’t read it correctly, but it was about explorer.exe and for some reason I chose to make it an Isolated Application (why, I didn’t chose Windows System App, I don’t know)–anyway, it locked me out of every program and I couln’t even restart. Well, I had to power off, go into Safe mode and change the settings in Comodo. If I could have found a defination for Isolated Application then I might have been aware of the consequences and then saved myself some time and fret.

Explorer.exe is Windows explorer which allows program to run. Its how Windows works. When Comodo gives you an alert and its about explorer.exe trying to run CCleaner (for example) what D+ is asking you is this. Do you want explorer.exe to allow CCleaner to run. Yes or No. Once you click allow then Comodo knows its safe for explorer.exe to run all the time. Its how HIPS protection works. Now when you get a D+ alert about explorer.exe trying to run program “X” and then you say to yourself what is program “X”? I don’t know any program “X” so I am going to block it. Right there is where Comodo can save you from a virus or any other kinds of malware. Does this help? Keep in mind Comodo is absolutely free and is in the top 3 firewalls at Matousec’s for best overall leak protection.