the best for comodo users is, try another product

… because then you will know what you have in comodo!

if i choose a program for security, and in its forum it would be normal to speak about other products too, i would know that this product does not need to avoid comparison.
i got a free key for another suite (in a comodo forum topic) which would cost 50 euros a year! i will not speak any bad about that program now, as it was a “gift”.

BUT, what can be a better prove for the quality of a program (comodo), when an user returns to a “freeware” product, even if he could use a paid product for a year still?
if i would have to suggest a suite program to a new user, i would tell him: look at the features of a security suite, then compare these features with a good freeware product. when you know the differences, try to find substitutes for the missing features. after you collected the few substitutes, compare the remaining to the price. is it justified?

sometimes i think, some companies would want to give a product for a “real based” price. but what would the customer think, when all products cost 50 euros a year, and theres another product which costs just 20? “yeah, they would wish to take 50 too, but the program is too weak”. in a way, the price became one of the attributes which seem to define the quality of these products. comodo doesnt define itself over the price at all.
it does not need to justify a price. when there are new features, they are about protection. it makes it easier to believe that :slight_smile:

I agree I always come back to Comodo even having licenses of paid products that I have got because of promotions or beta testing them.

Now I have find the best companion for CIS but is a paid product so, I’m a betatester in order to get a license. ;D

I use Comodo Firewall without D+ and DefenseWall PF instead of D+ and AVG free instead of CAV. I can’t say what is better - just CIS or this combo.

its not about “what is better”.
its about to know what you have with it. and it was meant as comparing of experiences with “suites”.

most of the expencive features which make a produkt “better” for some (web filter ect), is not necessary to be “better” protected, if you are a bit carefull and aware of the threats—>. but the companies dont educate more than necessary as to let the user understand that he NEEDS that product, because its “better protecting”. and then he just have to let the program do the job, and has to pay.

when i install such a suite, and i disable what i dont need, there is nothing left what would cost 50 euros. i even decrease the update frequency of the antivirus.

to find an alternative for something missing is a worthfull own thought (away from the “let us tell you”).
and to realize, that some missings are not so important, is protection against “advertisment based knowledge”.
thats what i meant with comparing.

I actually agree with clockwork. The products that are freeware tend to have the full features that the paid software offers and many people would rather not pay for a security product.